Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Homeschool Curriculum Review: Scripture Study

In our home school, we begin each day with a prayer, scripture study, and discussion. This last year has been the most effective and enjoyable ever, so I thought I would give a quick review of the materials we are using, in case other families are in the market for something new or different!

Prayer- the prayer is the first thing, and is vital to our day. I can seriously tell the days where we somehow skipped this critical step!!! Prayer is easy, and free. For the most effective prayer, we use a prayer sandwich- we open communication with our Heavenly Father, then list our gratitude (specifics remind us of our many blessings!), then ask for the things we need (patience is often on here!) and then we close in the name of Jesus Christ.

Scripture Study- We have been reading the Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon collection as a family. We bought them from a little book store here in town. They are used, and that's okay! I have just learned they are also available on iPad (book 1 is free!). My kids personally learn best from paper books, so the hardback set was still an excellent option for our family, and one will we cherish for a long time! These are excellent. We had been using a very large family edition of our Book of Mormon for years, and there were years we tried just reading from our own personal sets, and scripture study was difficult. Trying to get small kids to pay attention was really hard. These have made study MUCH easier and more enjoyable!!! **We used a set of Bible books last year, and had a similarly wonderful experience!!! They were a gift from a friend, and we love them!

Christian Workbooks- This year we added our first Christian workbooks. These Bible Time Kids Devotional Journal & Coloring Book workbooks have been one of the BEST additions ever, and I am so pleased!!! I was really having a hard time homeschooling after our youngest daughter was born, and I... you know, its a long story. Let me just tell you that these books ended up coming to us and they have been INCREDIBLE. Seriously. They are available for about $10 on Amazon, and an amazing value. Bonus, you can keep them and give them back to the kids when they are older. Their prayer list and gratitude lists are something to cherish!! One of my children is NOT into coloring or art, and even that child enjoys this devotional book! We do not work on this every day, but you could if you desired to. Our kids usually work on it 1-2x a week, generally when I am busy and need them to focus on something independently. These are excellent because they take time, energy, concentration, and effort to complete- so they are perfect for our family! (These books mean I can work with another child 1:1 to learn a difficult concept, or I can whip up a homemade batch of paleo pumpkin waffles, or that I can just take a long hot shower without kiddos running amok!)