Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mercury in Retrograde! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

A few months ago I nearly had a breakdown. Okay, not an actual breakdown, but definitely a freak-out-session-worthy-of-calling-on-a-bestie. (I keep a handful of besties for just such occasions.)

I texted her, spazzing out. My kids weren't listening. Nothing was going right. Printer stopped working. Vacuum would turn on and randomly turn off (and my livingroom carpet is hunter green- I NEED to vacuum every day or it looks horrible!!!). My family life felt insane. The internet pissed me off (is EVERYONE on crack?!). My brain couldn't focus- it felt scattered- sort of like someone went into my mental file cabinet and just dumped out every single drawer- it was clear, but cluttered. It was a nightmare. What was going on?!

I word-vomited this to my buddy, and she simply said, "Mercury is in retrograde!" I had no idea what she was talking about, but she went on to explain. It sounded too good to be true. There is actually a REASON for all this crappy crap going on?


I do not pretend to know everything about everything. I do not even pretend to know a little something about everything. Whether or not our energies can or can not be affected by the cosmos is beyond me, but any emergency worker, clinician, or hotline worker will tell you when the moon is full. Likewise, my kids can tell me exactly when Mercury is in retrograde. Coincidence? Maybe. Or, maybe it is more. Maybe they are highly sensitive to visual planetary spins (when they should be in bed sleeping anyway). Honestly, I have no idea. Here is what I do know:

Mercury in retrograde is something that can be read about here. Basically, this is about planetary rotations interacting in a way which may affect things here on earth. Things like what? Well, it is not recommended that you sign contracts, make big ticket purchases, get married, accept a job, or make any giant life changes. This, instead, is a time of reflection. This is a time for you to finish projects, meet old friends, complete unfinished business, tie up loose ends.

I did not subscribe to this being a big deal, I just loved the idea of it being the reason for my kids being insane (mostly because there is an ending period!), so when my brother and another bestie were buying their homes during the last retrograde (two separate families, two separate states)- I said nothing. Nothing. I didn't want them to think I was a bit weird... but it turns out I probably should have said something, as BOTH home purchases had really bizarre complications (that were beyond the control or fault of my brother or friend!). The complications ended up costing them money, stress, and hassle. Now- were those the fault of Mercury being in retrograde? Maybe not. But... maybe it was...

I do not know the answer to all things. But I do know that yesterday my kids were COMPLETELY bonkers. They started getting into it a few days earlier, and it just got worse every day, and climaxed yesterday. Today was no different, and I was ready to call it quits when my dear husband texted me, "Mercury is in retrograde!!!"

Yeah... either my kids' freak-out times are just coincidentally on schedule with Mercury in retrograde, or it is a genuinely real phenomenon that affects people. Regardless, I am happy to follow the astrology advice that suggests we take a few weeks to ponder, reflect, relax, and finish things that need finishing, and wait for this phase to pass (be it a phase in child development or visual phase of the planets).

If you absolutely hate what I have to say- chalk it up to Mercury in retrograde. (It is known for messing with all forms of communication, you know).

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