Wednesday, January 21, 2015

21 Days to make a habit!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it is a myth and studies show it is closer to 66 days- but shush. Growing up my father would often chirp, "21 days!" and remind me to pick up my towel, have breakfast, or do some other good idea that he wanted to make habitual. And today officially marks day 21 of yoga daily!!! (Yes, I started before the New Year, but from now on I will only be referencing the New Year as the beginning of my personal challenge!)

This was a good week, yoga-wise. I felt a lot better (no more icky sicky), but to be on the safe side stuck with more gentle videos and postures. This week I did my very first (unsupported by partner or wall) Sirsasana!!!! This is a HUGE deal for me, and I am all the more thrilled that my husband was there to cheer me on and celebrate the moment! Wait... GENTLE and you were doing Sirsasana??? Yeah, let me tell you about it!

Some takeaways this week: my practice is a lot more mental than I ever realized. I had been going gently for days, and then did a calm yin practice, but really wanted to try Sirsasana. I asked my husband for some help, and he was there to talk to me and make me feel comfortable ("You are so close- almost there. You actually had it for a moment- did you feel it!?" Super encouraging!). The next day I wanted to try again, and I did- and that was when I nailed the pose. I have been doing this pose for years (I seriously think the first time was in 2007) but NEVER did it without wall or partner support before. Why? There were times I was much more physically fit- so why didn't I do it? I am not sure- but whatever my hurdle was, it was obviously mentally and not physically based (as I said- I was more fit in years past than I am now).

There were days this week when I did not feel like doing yoga. This is mostly because I was feeling blahhhhhhh. My husband is out of town on business, the kids were making me nuts, and all I wanted was to grab something chocolaty and go to bed and watch Gilmore Girls (I am new to the show- it is pretty cute!!!!). However, each time I would drag my mat out and start moving I felt a LOT better (I always felt more peaceful, calm, and happy). So it worked out well!

This week's highlights:

Pose: Sirsasana, hands down! (Or should I say, head down?) Oh man- what a feeling!!!!!

Video of the Week: You know, I saw some pretty interesting ones... I have to say I think this little yoga video for sick people is the winner. It is short, sweet, and perfect when you feel ill!

Best Sequence/Additions: I carried my daughter around and found that my back was aching. I did this quick video and felt a lot better.

Physical Benefits: Any time I felt a headache I did a bit of yoga, and it went away. I love love love love being able to do something that is healthy and helps heal, rather than popping a pill! -4lbs

Soundtrack song of the week: Que Sera, Sera!

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