Tuesday, April 16, 2013

America's favorite pastime.

I always intended to sign the boys up for baseball. Kids grow, eat, breathe, and play baseball, right? Before I had children I thought baseball would be easy, fluid, and effortless. I had no idea about districts, age groups, and equipment- none of that entered my mind. All I thought was that they would play, and they would enjoy it. The end. (Don't judge my 20 year old childless mind!)

Somehow my eldest baby is 8. I don't know how it happened. I swear I just put him down, turned around, and BAM he is 8! When I try and remember the reasons we didn't enroll the boys in baseball over the years, many come to mind: we moved, we had scheduling conflicts, we moved, we missed registration, we moved, etc. It all leads to now- the boys have never played. Well, thanks to a wonderful family friend, and are now enrolled!!!!!!

I got a text that practice starts tomorrow.


I found out yesterday that practice starts tomorrow.

I forgot to tell Kurt until this morning.

"What?! Okay. This is okay. Everything will be fine. Ugh, no time to break in gloves. UGH! Okay, that's fine. We will just run into town and I will get them gloves. Do they need bats too?" Kurt starts rambling.

I smile, "The coach said to bring whatever bat they are used to..."

Kurt smiles back, "Hope he won't be too disappointed when they show up with Wii controllers then..."

Yes its true, our boys have truly never played, not even in the front yard. But you know what? They have great golf stances and can do beautiful plies. I am sure that counts for something.

Back to our conversation: Kurt was going to take the kids into town by himself. I wanted to be a part of it but Seraphina just went down for a nap.

"Okay, fine. I will stay with Seraphina, you take the boys." Kurt declared.

"Got it. So... what do I need?"

"Gloves and a bat." He answered.

"Aren't there sizes for gloves? Do I need to get oil and rubber bands (I think of that Liar, Liar movie)? Do we need our own T-Ball stand? Will we need one of those machines that throws the balls to the kids? How many balls do we need, like 12?" I start to list all of the things I think they could or might "need." I try to think back to when my brother played, but honestly I was old enough that I didn't have to go to his practices or games, so I cannot recall them very well. I think I went to a few... how do I not remember this? (My comment about the machine that throws balls to the kids was half in jest...)

Kurt puts his head in his hands. His mind is adding up all the money I am likely to spend on smartly advertised baseball items that claim they are necessary for kids. He knows he cannot send me on this errand alone.

We are now waiting until Fina wakes up, and then we will all be going to town to get baseball stuff. As a family. Awwwwww =)

I foresee us taking a few "baseball" homeschool days this week- if only to give rundowns of the game and help them get a feel for the bat and gloves. I can imagine our evenings will be spent watching The Sandlot and Angels in the Outfield.

Kurt calls the kids together, and he tells them our plan.

Carter jumps up and down. His friends are all going to come play Wii baseball?! No, Kurt explains more in depth about what we are doing, and about baseball in general. After his mini-lecture Carter is smiling and nodding, and Kurt seems pleased with himself for teaching about such an important sport.

Harrison cheers, and this is a quote: "YEAH! I love football!!!!"

At this point Kurt's eye twitches, it is apparent they took nothing from his heartfelt lesson, and he smiles through it and sends the kids out to play.

I cannot help but sit back and laugh.

I love my family. Let the adventure begin!

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