Thursday, February 14, 2013

Visits and Valentines

Valentines Day was hard this year. Missing Kurt is wearing on all of us, and today was especially hard. This is our second Valentine's Day apart. Our first was in 2004! (We were in the awkward "Are we in a place where we are supposed to do Valentine gifts?" phase of our relationship. To which I decided to send him a large cookie bouquet to his workplace, and mark it "Secret Admirer." Subtlety was never a strong point of mine when it came to Kurt, lol!) Hopefully this will be our last Valentines Day apart. Even though I know this long distance deal is the right thing to do right now, it somehow doesn't make the time fly faster, or the heartache easier.

The boys received Valentine cards from Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Russ yesterday. Today the boys received Valentine cards from Grandma Rose and Grandpa Calvin! With any luck Kurt will receive his care package from us- and it contains little gifts from the boys and me =) I was delighted to receive beautiful flowers in the mail - Kurt and I had decided not to celebrate Valentines Day until we saw one another, so it was an extra big surprise! The flowers are beautiful, and really cheer me up. I miss my husband!!!

Today we went into town and met friends! We spent the afternoon with Melissa and Marcy, and the kids got to play with Lea and Nicole's kids too! You know you live in a small town when a lunch at McDonald's leads you to see four people you know, and you know you live in a very very small town when most of them already know one another through means other than yourself! It was a good time, and I always appreciate the support and insight that Melissa and Marcy offer!

We came home and the boys cleaned up, and I made dinner. The boys are now playing Wii (I allowed it because it is a holiday) and I am putting my feet up and playing with photo editing! Seraphina fell asleep right after her bath. Life is so good!

I love messing up Harrison's hair! I told him I was going to put a picture of his crazy hair online, and that is when he made that silly face on the right.

Seraphina had avocado pieces for dinner. She only ate what she fed herself (baby lead weaning). She has been grabbing for food, so I allowed her to mess around with it. Carter and I sat by and watched her and talked to her during her dinner. She loves Carter so much. Here, you can see her watching him intently as he tells her about a storybook he read earlier today. I fully expect her next word to be "Carter!" She adores him! She loves both of her brothers (and her kitty!), but he really has a way with her and they share a pretty neat little bond!

Dinner was silly! We had breakfast for dinner: ham and eggs, served with sliced avocado! Melissa inspired me to make heart-shaped pancakes, colored pink! I cut strawberries as hearts too. The boys really enjoyed it, and ate every bite!


  1. I got your present today!!! (Also for fact-check, we spent V-Day apart two years ago as it was my first day in Walnut Creek with Verizon)

    Thank you so much for the wonderful texts and pictures you sent me today. It really made my workday go by quickly and felt like you were much closer in distance!

    Love you, Valentine!

  2. Really?! Hm... did we celebrate early then??? I don't remember that!