Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another week!

I have stopped updating this as much. But that's okay- we have been busy.

This wave of midterms is over for me (still all A's, thankyouverymuch), and things are settling back down. The boys are busy with their homeschool lessons, and I am already looking at materials for the next level of all of their subjects. Gotta plan ahead! I love that the internet makes it so easy, and perhaps more than that I love the helpful homeschooling friends I have that offer good suggestions, tips, and insight!

Such great brothers! This is a horrid picture because I snapped it so quickly. They were playing with her and teaching her how to be a dinosaur, lol!

HA! A bow!

Seraphina is growing fast- the boys taught her how to "be a dinosaur!" She now growls on command. It is actually quite funny, because she follows her growls with giant smiles and giggles. She is so wonderful, it is so strange to think we were ever a family without her at one time! She feels so much a part of us, I really forget what life was like before that little angel joined us!!!

Seraphina looking at a Math-U-See block during "Baby School!"

Harrison is being as artistic as ever. He enjoys making books and telling stories. He also has kept up with "baby school" and teaches Seraphina a few times per week. He gets frustrated that she will not repeat the things he asks her to say. "Say, 'Harrison!' Say it!" She just laughs at him. Thankfully he has a good sense of humor and an ample dose of patience and imagination. Big news around here is Harrison lost his first tooth! He bit into a large chocolate heart and was shocked that his tooth instantly wiggled. He freaked out, and wiggled it more, and freaked out again. He was flipping out and Carter kept trying to get him to calm down. Harrison finally told me to just pull the tooth out, and with very little effort (it was literally half hanging out) the tooth was released. Harrison was thrilled that the tooth fairy left him money, and his little baby tooth space is quite adorable. They grow up so fast!

Seraphina enjoys her new blanket made by Grandma Joyce!

Carter rigged a movie theater for us. He grabbed the white board, a flashlight, and some random toys. He would draw the backdrops and use the toys to create shadows. His movie was 15 minutes long, and contained an elaborate plot. Harrison and I enjoyed popcorn and watched. The film was rated: "PG-Funny!"

While at the grocery store the boys saw a "Scooby Snack" cereal. Oh, how excited they were! Sadly the cereal contained gluten, so I promised that if they behaved then I would reward them with Scooby Snacks. (They were frosted gluten and dairy free brownies. They woke to find them hiding in the fridge- the kids were so happy!)

Carter and Harrison hold their "Valemtimes" (as Harrison calls them) from Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Russ! They were ecstatic to get Valentines! What a wonderful surprise!!! (I received chocolate covered strawberries!!!)

Carter is growing into his new phase of middle childhood and bringing a new dimension to the house. He is now at a phase where he challenges some of the once-accepted house rules or requests. He is passionate about fairness and understanding, so working with him takes longer, as not only do I discuss the request, but the rationale behind said requests! It is really neat to see this natural part of him growing up. His desire to make good choices is abundant, and his conversations have grown much more meaningful. He still enjoys his alone time- today he ran around outside in a mask and cape with the kitties, all by himself. However, he has blossomed into a social butterfly- yesterday he spent five hours playing with his friends!

I miss you. Valentines day is tomorrow, but that's okay that we are apart- we have a lot to look forward to!

I love you.


I miss your face.


(PS- Amelie glared at me until I agreed to update you on her. She is currently batting a piece of paper all over the floor and going insane. Her favorite things: napping with Seraphina, jumping on my head while I sleep, taking the computer chair when she knows one of the kids needs to use it, "yelling" at the boys, sharpening her nonexistent nails on whatever surface Seraphina is napping on so she wakes her, eating carbs, and Downton Abbey. She is proud to say that she still likes Seraphina, even though Fina has slapped her in the face and grabbed her tail.)

(PPS- Here some of the meals you have missed... you know, just in case you forget what it was like to have me around =p)

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