Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Playing Catch-up! (Day 26)

Thankful for Skype!
Thankful for my phone's ability to capture video!
Thankful for World of Warcraft! (I will explain later, I swear)

I haven't updated in nearly a week. WOW! Where has the time gone? Well, I know where it went, and Kurt- you know where it went, but to my dear parents and friends, it seems as if we disappeared! Well, we did not disappear. We were just really busy!

Friday we met Melissa as well as the lovely Mrs. Smith, and had a really fun homeschool gathering! It was great fun, and very much needed!

Saturday I woke and didn't feel well at all. Neither did Seraphina. Oh, dear! She and I spent most of the day lounging. I fed her so much that day! Literally, I fed her something like 16 times. So, that was how Saturday went! The boys loved it- they played Wii and Legos and ran around. Good times for them! 

Harrison made breakfast Saturday- ham and eggs!

Sunday was an ice storm, and Church was canceled it was so bad! I was glad because I wanted to go, but felt totally awful. Fina slept a good deal of the day, and I rested and put my feet up (spent a lot of the day playing Warcraft with you!). The boys, again, thought it was the best EVER. They enjoyed playing games, they made an indoor Bat Cave, they made forts, and they watched movies. 

Monday! Little Seraphina wasn't quite herself yet.

Monday I felt somewhat better, but Harrison didn't feel well. Seraphina felt good too, but wasn't quite her full self. The roads were so bad and none of us were feeling excellent- we stayed home. We did our homeschool, cleaned, and did laundry. Harrison lounged a lot, but still did his schoolwork. Good day, but busy- as I had been out of commission the last two days. 

Tuesday we went out. I burned garbage. The boys ran around outside with the kitties. Everyone seemed to be feeling right as rain! We saw Mark for a moment, while we were in town. We went to the library, and we set ourselves up in anticipation of the big snow storm! I got a care package! For breakfast I made Harrison hot rice, and I made Carter pancakes. I had pancakes with a few eggs. 
Care Package! You bought me flowers- thank you! Anarel sent me books and fudge! My favorite things!!!

Wednesday we woke to snow! The boys finished their homeschool lessons in record time, as they wanted to run and play outside. They went out FOUR times today! They were out there for a good deal of time, and had a blast! The kitties loved seeing them too, there are paw prints all over! I snapped the snow picture of them today! 

 All better now!

Hoth or home?

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