Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Job!

Remember that job interview that Kurt flew to? The one where he missed his flight, and a family he didn't know bought him another ticket? Well.....


Kurt was offered the job!

He cannot release full details yet, but we are thrilled about it!

He is going to be moving back to Utah! Specifically, he will be living in Sandy! We will be here on the farm with the extended family (they literally surround us, kind of a neat feeling!) while he sets himself up and dives into his work.

Very thrilled, very happy, very blessed indeed!

(Yes, a picture of a happy dance was necessary!)

While I was in Uganda, I kept a journal for Kurt. Each day, sometimes multiple times per day, I would write to him. My goal is to do the same now, only with my blog. So, for the next however-many-days I will be trying to post to Kurt. My posts will be simple, mostly thoughts on the day, pictures of the kids, and sentiments of mushy-love to my husband- but I think it will be helpful, as it will aid me in expressing my feelings as well as be an easy way for him to see what we are up to while he is gone. I guess this is my way of warning blog-readers that the posts to come will be quite different than my usual posts.

While we hope to be together sooner but as of now April 1st is our whole family move date.

Pep-talks are appreciated! I am finishing my last full-time term at the University of Utah, homeschooling the boys, still nursing and caring for our little Seraphina, and will be missing my best friend like crazy! But, we know it is for the best!

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