Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 7

What a night!

Seraphina was up until after 4am, ugh! She was fussy and crying the whole time, I felt awful for her. I gave her teething tablets and she finally went to sleep. When we woke up it was almost 9am! She was cooing to herself, and I could hear the boys whispering. Carter was telling Harrison, "Shhh! Mommy was up late with Seraphina, be quiet!" Harrison protested, insisting it was after 8am, so I wouldn't be mad if they woke me. Carter insisted that Harrison leave me alone and let me sleep, and then attempted to start homeschooling Harrison himself. This, of course, lead to an altercation. Carter tried so hard to help me out!

Angry face...

The boys take advantage of a "Happy Fina" moment and put pictures in their picture books. (Seraphina is in the background, enjoying her playgym. This quiet lasted 15 minutes...)

Carter's breakfast. Applesauce, sausage and eggs, and a blueberry muffin (Udi's- I didn't bake it myself).

We had a slow day. It was needed. Seraphina cried approximately 80% of the day, and I would bet that is a conservative estimation. Carter, Harrison, and I all took turns with her- attempting to hold, soothe, and comfort her. It was difficult. So, forgive the lack of pictures today- it was a long day...

The boys managed to do their homeschool work today. We did it early, thankfully. We ended up grabbing blankets and watching Phineas and Ferb in the living-room- Seraphina's screams wore us all down.

I asked Carter to watch Fina while I stepped out to feed and water the cats. I needed the air, and a break from her screaming. I grabbed the mail and read the water... (forgot to pay that today, I am sorry. I will get it out tomorrow!) and then I noticed something on the front steps. The cats laid the snake across the step! ICK! I have no idea how they did it, but snapped a picture for your amusement. I am texting it to you, because I don't want pictures of dead snakes on my blog, lol. I said thank you to the kitties for the nice "present" and went inside to try and soothe Fina once more. She wasn't having any of it. In the end, it was literally a whole day of passing her from person to person. She nursed more than 12 times- I stopped counting at 12. I would guess it was something like 14 or 16... needless to say I am sore and very ready for a break.

Melissa contacted me, we are going to get together tomorrow. It will be SO nice for the boys to play with their friends! They need to get out! (So do I!)

My fudge was not great. I talked to Anarel, she helped me figure out what I did wrong. We will try Fudge Round 2 tomorrow, maybe, if Fina is better. Carter will love helping, I am sure.

We finished the Mercy book tonight. Harrison already picked another Mercy book from the library, so we will start that one tomorrow. They sure love bedtime chapters!!!

Yellow Face is in the garage with just Sampson tonight. The two are happy and cuddling. Yellow Face didn't look any better- but hopefully will improve with time. Sampson is keeping Yellow Face warm, with lots of snuggles.

I love you. I want to write more, but it is already Thursday and I need to finish the readings for the week. Oh my, it is already 9:15pm?! Ugh. I guess reading will have to wait until tomorrow. Nighty!

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  1. What a rough day! I'm glad you're getting out tomorrow with Melissa! Hopefully that will energize you and get the boys to run off some steam. :)

    Thank you for taking such good care of yellow-face. I'm sure she appreciates it.

    I hope tomorrow is a MUCH better day for Seraphina. I'm sad that the only calm moment of the day was that picture you texted me of her cuddling with wubanub fwiend. :P

    I hope Carter continues his 'helpful and courteous' streak alive. What a good 'man of the house' he's become recently.

    SNAKE! I jumped when I got that pic on my phone. I thought it was a stick at first. Aren't those kitties so proud! lol

    I will Skype again in the morning with you and the kiddos! Love ya!