Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 6

Good day!

This morning the kids were all up pretty early, so they came and spent a few minutes in my room. They talked about going to Utah, and Carter listed all the things he was going to do with Kayla (go on walks, ride roller-coasters, etc). The conversation got into how Carter planned on having at least three kids; four, if Kayla refused to play Wii with him (because they need 5 players, you know). Harrison said he wanted 7 kids. Harrison then lifted the blankets and looked at me, said, "Why is your belly still small?" Confused, I didn't answer. "Mom, I told you we needed a boy baby- isn't he there yet?" FUNNY kid. No, Harrison- there is no baby in there. (Bonus points for calling my postpartum belly small though, kiddo)

We did a bare bones homeschool today, because your mom came over. We all went into town to return books to the library and then I ran into the grocery store for parchment for your fudge.

The library trips are fun. I have decided there is really no way I can carry all of those books while I carry Seraphina, so I started bringing them in a laundry basket. We are reading a lot each day, and on track for our 1,500 unique books! The boys are really enjoying it, and help me read. They love picking out books- it is neat to see their excitement!

I grabbed the parchment paper- need it if I am going to do that fudge! I also grabbed you something else. I will try to get a box out to you in the next few days. Time flies, and at the same time goes so slowly... it is frustrating.

My books came today. Good and not so good at the same time. Now, I have to read them! One chapter in each one, about 200 pages or so. Not bad at all, but would be better if Seraphina would stop crying so I could read them!

Fina is teething. I bought her a feeder thing that holds frozen fruit- so she can chomp it. Look at her angry chomping face! It is scary!

The kids played outside today, and while they were out (it was really sunny!) I had the front door open (storm door closed). Carter came near and spotted something off the porch. He asked what it was. I looked and realized it was a snake! It wasn't a huge snake- but a snake, nonetheless. ICK! Carter called Harrison over, and while Carter was kicking bits of snow onto the creature, Harrison asked if they could throw things at the snake. I said no. Harrison then asked, "Can we poke it wif a stick?" I said no, rather sharply, and Harrison looked at me, eyes wide with wonder, and asked why.... well.... I had no answer. So, they went off to find a stick.

They came back, sticks in hand, and Harrison started smacking the snake. It wasn't until Carter poked at it that the snake moved!!!! The kids FREAKED OUT! They dropped their sticks and ran, holding one another, lol! Yup, we watched it, and sure enough it moved- really slowly, but it was moving. I kept looking outside every so often (the boys came in, they were freaked!) and an hour later it was gone. The cats must have gotten it. ICK!

I made your fudge, Carter helped. Well, no- Carter just stood there and demanded samples.

Yellow Face came to live in the garage. Sampson and Dark Face were with her. They are happy. Hopefully this will help Yellow Face recover from whatever is going on. She doesn't look so good. They all were cuddling happily when I checked.


Carter and Fina wouldn't sleep. Carter helped me clean (man of the house, you know) and then we put on The Lorax movie. Seraphina woke up and refused to go back to sleep, so she joined us. These kids need to go to bed! Carter I can see staying up, the kid put away FIVE loads of laundry, swept the floor, and did dishes. Fina, no- she needs rest!

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