Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 5

Hello! Did you have a great day? I sure hope so! I texted you a few times, and you sounded very busy!

Things here went well today! This morning the kids joined me in bed and we all cuddled for a bit. Harrison keeps trying to coach "Fina Enchilada" into saying his name before any other words. He can be found drilling her like this, "Say, Harrison! Now GO!" It was probably a coincidence, but today when Seraphina woke from her nap she cried out, "Maaaaa Maaaaa!!!!" it was totally adorable, coincidence or not, and I rushed in and was greeted with her happy gummy smile.

We had cinnamon rolls this morning. Gotta love those Udi's products! Yes, it was another lazy morning, and I loved it! I didn't get a picture of Carter with a cinnamon roll because he inhaled it!

 We finished schoolwork rather early today- the boys were desperate to play Wii. Funny thing though, after they finished school they ended up running around outside, and didn't get to the Wii until just before dinner time! Hahaha! They stayed out for a fairly good length of time, and got so muddy! The snow is melting so everything is looking icky.

Your dad spent most of the day here - he completely replaced the garage door mechanism, and then tried again to work on the light, and then did some odd-jobs that needed tending to (replace outdoor light bulb, smash ice on the walkway, etc). It was nice! The kids loved having him around, and checked on him often. They are such good "helpers" as you know (which means they steal your tools and run off).

I made barbecue pulled pork tonight. Your parents came over and had dinner (it was the least I could do for your dad, who slaved here all day!!!). The kids loved having them over! Tomorrow your mom is going to come over for a bit and hang out. Harrison has big plans for her. Both of the kids asked me if they could do school early and then play Wii with grandma tomorrow, lol! Your poor mom!

The kitties got fed today, and they got the fatty and ugly parts from the pulled pork. So, they are happy fat kitties. The door to the garage was open for a lot of the day so your dad could have some more light, and the kitties enjoyed being in the garage. Only one cat managed to sneak into the house, can you guess who? That's right- Keyten!

I am probably going to town tomorrow as well. We need to offload some of these library books and get new ones (did you see how well we are doing, by the tracker on the side of the page???) and I need to pick up parchment paper and (at Carter's request) more olives.

Today was the first day that it really hurt to have you gone. I cried for a few moments when some sappy love song came on the radio. I miss you a lot. Tonight, the boys both prayed for you, and I teared up then too. Harrison cried. Skype is nice, hopefully you will be able to do it again tomorrow. Tomorrow's scriptures will be 1 Nephi 17: 48-52.

Going to get on cleaning up now. It is already 8! The hours pass quickly, don't they?

As I type this, this is what Carter is up to:

We love you, and miss you so much. Thank you for working so hard for all of us. We look forward to being together again soon!

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  1. It was great to Skype with you and Carter tonight. I posted a reply, but that silly 'are you human' code is so illegible sometimes, it got deleted.. UGH Hopefully this one will get through. I'm going to copy/paste it just in case.

    I'm glad you're getting some assistance tomorrow. Hope ya can get done what needs be! :)

    Huge help to have a working garage door and lights. Awesome!

    I miss you and the kids so much. Hope this goes much faster for both of us than so far. Seems to be dragging. Perhaps it'll be easier as we grow accustomed to it and just when it's unbearable, you'll all be out here with me! :)

    Love you.

    Night (hope his posts)