Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 4

Today was a big day for you! Today was your very first official day at work! How exciting for you!

My day started somewhere in the middle of the night. Little Fina just didn't want to sleep. It got to the point of being comical- so I finally gave in, and the first time I let her get out of bed and join me in the living room. She watched me fold laundry. Later in the night, I turned the light on, and snapped a few pictures of her. FUNNY girl. I am thankful that I ended up passing out so early the night before, because she was up a great deal.

Yup. That's her. In the first picture she was thrilled to be awake. She thought it was the best thing EVER! In the last picture she is unhappy that I will not let her get out of bed. You can practically see her thinking, "It's okay... I will just cuddle with my only friend..." So sad! 

Breakfast! We were lazy and had Honey Nut Chex with coconut milk. Too tired to cook breakfast!

You took this picture of you in your new coat. Hey good lookin'!

The kids heard your dad in the garage, and went out to "help" him!

I made chicken soup today, here is the chicken stock I simmered.

Your dad and Uncle Mark came over to look at the light outside.

 Carter read Harrison a book.

 Seraphina loves her playgym!

 For phonics we reviewed the digraph "oo" by watching a "Between the Lions" episode.

The boys took about a dozen things out of the machine shed and built a new Batcave.

The day went really well. Better than I could have hoped! The kids did all their schoolwork today (admittedly we finished math at 6pm, but all that matters is that we finished, right?) and I printed and read my class syllabi and finished the only two assignments that were due for the week. I ordered my textbooks. The kids fed the kitties. I did some laundry. We got our books read for our 1,500 book challenge. We played with Seraphina. The kids played outside. The kids had showers. Everyone had at least three meals, and full tummies. Amelie was fed and watered, and Blackie Gimmely's cage was tidied and stocked.

After dinner I asked the kids to pick up their toys and tidy their rooms. They did, and because they completed their tasks I allowed them to watch one of the Scooby-Doo movies my mom sent them. They love Scooby-Doo! The DVD had multiple episodes, so it kept them entertained until bedtime (by the time they had finished cleaning up, it was 6:15pm, so they watched 45 minutes of the DVD). While they did that I gave Fina her bath, and I nursed her and put her to bed. She went down happily, she wasn't used to being up so late!

The kids turned off their DVD without complaint, and went to bed. I had brushed their teeth before they had started the movie, so they didn't have an excuse to linger in the bathroom! I had given them their "Curious George Snack" right after dinner, so they didn't have an excuse to linger in the kitchen! I read them a chapter from the Mercy Watson book, and after they said their prayers they snuggled down and went to sleep. Carter only got up once to use the bathroom, and went right back to bed.

With everyone asleep, I turned on Delilah (I am not a huge fan, but she reminds me of Christmases with you, so it works) and I finished the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, tidied up the rest of the rooms quickly, and sat down. It was only about 8:30pm and I felt GREAT! What a productive day! And, I didn't feel overworked, I felt good! So, I decided to reward myself by streaming Downton Abbey season 3, episode 1, from the PBS website. I popped some popcorn, grabbed my water bottle, snuggled with a blanket, and watched the program! Fina woke at the end of the episode (good timing, baby!) and so I fed her, called you, and went to sleep. Excellent day!

I didn't get to talk to you much, or for very long. but it sounded like you had a great day. I hope you have another wonderful one today! Thanks for understanding about my delay in blogging. I needed to take some time for myself, and feel greatly refreshed for it!

Love you so much!

**Side note: I have been finding my white pipe cleaners twisted and all over the house. I was upset about it and lectured Harrison about asking me before getting into the craft supplies. He insisted it was not him, so I questioned Carter. Carter insisted it was not him either. Frustrated I put the pipe cleaners on another shelf and told the boys they were not to touch them! Later, I found Amelie, on the shelf, pulling pipe cleaners out of the bag, tossing them on the floor, stepping on them to make them bend, and then attacking them and playing with them. BAD KITTY!

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