Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 3

Last night I had allowed the boys to stay up a bit late... something I have learned I need to cut out... and when I finally got dishes done and sat down and posted pictures, Seraphina woke up. So, I ended up falling asleep right after I fed and comforted her. 11pm! Where did the day go?!

Little Fina had a hard night. She was up every three or so hours and would stay up for at least an hour each time. Not normal behavior for her, hope she is feeling alright! She had me up at 6:40, but I just couldn't manage to get out of bed. So, she and I cuddled and I dozed on and off until 7:30 when I heard the boys up. I knew I needed to get out of bed in order to get to Church on time, but I just couldn't do it. The boys actually came in the room and joined me in bed, and we all cuddled until 8. I sat there, cuddled in my bed, and thought about just staying home. Oh how tempting! But then, I quickly realized that I would be denying myself the blessings that come from being fully active at Church- the many blessings that come from partaking of the Sacrament, from hearing the beautiful testimonies, and from teaching the little ones. I got out of bed and started my day with a smile!

I got up, threw my hair in a bun, tossed a bit of makeup on, and got dressed. I fed the boys, the Fina, and myself. And we left for Church. The boys had picked their clothes out the night before, so dressing them was easy. We were late, yes, but we arrived! The boys were assigned to their new Primary teachers today- Carter is in my class!

After Church we visited your parents. The kids had fun! Seraphina is trying so hard to sit up, she sat up even further today than she did yesterday!

At your parents' house, Carter put on one of your ties (you had left one in the car, and Carter had stashed it) and insisted we address him as you. His impression of you is quite funny! I managed to get Carter, er... um... I mean, Kurt, to do a great deal of things around the house because, "That's what Daddy does!"

Thank you for Skyping with us so much today- it was neat to see you- and the boys really loved looking up and seeing you frequently. I know it will not get to happen often, so it was really awesome to do it today! Tomorrow morning, please let me know when you can sit down for scripture study with us. I would love you to be a part of that!

The boys had a really hard time today. I am not sure if it is missing you, or gluten contamination, or some combination of both- but they were just crazy out of sorts. I ended up putting them in bed with some books at 5:45 tonight- we all had a family meeting and they agreed they should probably be in bed. When it was 7pm their light went out... although I had forgotten their "midnight snacks" before bed, so of course they got out of bed for those, and then re-brushed teeth, etc etc. I feel like I am living that If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book! But now it is almost 8, and they are still in bed, and I am starting to feel the rest that typically accompanies a blissful Sabbath day!

I hope your first week at your new ward went well! I hope you feel rested and refreshed, and ready to tackle the day tomorrow!!!

I love you, miss you, and am excited for you! Have a GREAT GREAT GREAT day!

(Sorry for the lack of pictures today. I snapped the one at Church, and then was busy in Primary. We went to your parents' and your mom took a picture or two, and then we came home and skyped with you so there wasn't really a lot of time or opportunity for pictures. I will do better tomorrow!)

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  1. So sorry to head about your headache. :(

    I apologize for forgetting to tell you my change in plans tonight and tomorrow. The Director will not be flying in until tomorrow morning.

    I am excited for scripture study tomorrow. I hope the boys enjoy it as well and have a better day.

    Thank you so much for the close-ups of Seraphina during out Skype session. I love when you dress her. So cute!