Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 13

**Wednesday's post, written Thursday. Sorry about that...

Today was busy. Not in a bad way, just busy.

Went to the library! We got some new books! We are over 70 now. GO US! The kids are reading a lot more on their own too- they carry their favorites in their beds, and keep a few in the car. Love it!

Homeschool went GREAT today. Carter grasped a math concept that had been eluding him, and we all celebrated his victory! WONDERFUL! He was very proud of his accomplishment and I am so proud of him for continuing to try so hard!

Got your mail!

We got your package today! It was wonderful! The boys loved it!!!

Seraphina is really loving her bath time- she is by far our splash-iest child yet! A change of clothes is necessary after bathing her, lol!

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  1. So glad the package made it their safely. I was afraid the ring pops might break or the DVD case maybe!