Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 12

Good evening!

Today was an excellent day!

As I mentioned earlier (it is now past 10:30pm) I was given such a wonderful sleep last night! Loved it and it was so appreciated. Wonderful, wonderful! In my attempt to replicate I cluster fed little Seraphina, and I topped her off with 4 1/2oz a few hours ago. With luck she will be more comfortable, but if not- I will be there for her all night =)

Boys joined us for snuggle time this morning!

Carter finished writing his chapter book- I have it in a box to go to you! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Because Carter loved writing so much, I gave both him and Harrison some of my old school notebooks. I ripped my class notes out of them (because I don't think they would have cared about racial paradigms) and gave them both pens to use as well. Carter immediately wrote to you- that page is in the box as well. Harrison drew pictures of cats, then wrote a grocery list, then made a to-do list. Funny children! Carter, I believe, has written a few chapters about "Bad Kitty" in his. The rule is that everyone can only touch his own notebook- although both have chosen to share the contents, I have a feeling this notebook rule will help foster a good respect for privacy and allow for a safe outlet of journaling later on.

Today I fixed pulled pork again. I can't lie- it is tasty and so easy- so yup, it had to be done! I love the slow cooker, it really makes life easier. The boys happily gobbled it too- so that is always a win in my book. We made our own pizzas for lunch, the kids get such a kick out of that! You will notice when I blog about our eating that it is not nearly as healthy as when you were here. I assure you that some days it is, I just don't snap pictures of the turkey served with avocado with sliced apples (yesterday's dinner).

I did some schoolwork of my own today! Took a quiz too... only got a 90% on it... but I blame Seraphina. Of course the moment I opened the quiz window she started screaming. Carter tried so hard to help out, but my mind was too distracted. It is okay, I will do better next time. Thankfully this class is also heavily weighted in participation through online discussions and I already completed that portion, so I should be good in the end! I even watched 20 minutes of a super boring interesting online lecture too! One of my classes has a few hours of lecture a week, I figure I will just watch during my nightly pumping session... because... well... pumping is boring  important... and this class is boring interesting, so it sounds like a match made in Heaven!
Boys playing in the "Batcave"

Your box is ready to go, I will ship it out tomorrow. It might end up being 2 boxes, I am not sure yet...

My mother sent a box and it arrived today. Large and heavy thing! You will love this: it is a "Blue" box. Directions: open when feeling blue. Get it? HAHA! I think it is such a WONDERFUL idea! I peeked inside and grabbed a few items that she had okayed me to have early. I didn't look very far into the box, but I can tell you it is amazing. Basically, on a day that I am feeling pretty down- I am going to open the "blue box" and use the contents to brighten our day! There are things in it for me and the kids, and basically will set us up for a day of fun! What a sweet and thoughtful gift! I cannot wait to open it, but at the same time- can wait to open it because that means I would have had a rather difficult day! (So, be warned- if I told you we opened the blue box, maybe send flowers or something!)

The kids LOVE Harry-son on Time4Learning!

Homeschool went well! We read our challenge books too. Oh my gosh, funniest book today! The kids were rolling over Penguin. Kurt, seriously, this book is amazingly funny. I am going to do this craft with them tomorrow (the link gives you an idea of the book too). Oh my gosh, so hysterical. I love this reading challenge so much because it gives us the opportunity to just grab a book off a shelf and find such a rare gem, when it is not necessarily a book we would have ever chosen to read otherwise! Seriously, I love this book!

The kids helped with chores. I fed and watered the kitties (they also got the ugly fatty parts of the pork). I burned the garbage. Carter and I cleaned the kitchen after Harrison went to bed. As a reward I allowed Carter to play Legos for an hour after bedtime. He asked if he could stay up later, but agreed to go to sleep immediately if I allowed him to wear his Batman costume to bed. So, Harrison is sleeping soundly next to the caped crusader.

**She doesn't always look like this. However, you mentioned you don't remember what it looked like when she would cry, and said, "She never seems to cry, judging by your pictures!" So, I took this to prove... yes, she cries... and gets very angry... (she was asleep 5 minutes later, she was ready for snuggles and bed!)**

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  1. Love the idea of the 'blue box!' My package should be arriving there anyday now! Some good stuff in there!

    I can't wait to hear about the penguins and why they think it's so funny. I wonder if they journaled about any of that in their writings...

    Poor Fina! :( Such a sad sad face. She does look like she's about to pass out for the night though, so that's encouraging.

    Great updates today! Thank you. :)