Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 11

We are about to head out the door and do our grocery shopping! I am going to take the kids to McDonalds before we go to the grocery store, hopefully some time running in the tubes will help the boys get some wiggles out. =)

Anarel and I will be FaceTiming today or tomorrow and making another batch of fudge. She is confidant she can help me improve!

I am going to swing by the library too- only to drop books off though. If you click on the widget to the right of the screen, it will show you that Carter and Harrison are on track to read their 1,500 books this year!

Carter wrote a chapter book! I have only seen two of the chapters (he allows me to read one each day) and it is AMAZING! He wrote his own spin-off of Star Wars! He wrote it in a small notebook, and his chapters are a few pages long. Thus far the story that I have seen is about 3 adult paragraphs long- pretty good for a 2nd grader who hates language arts! I did not ask him to write it, he did it on his own.

Carter asked me to share with you that his score has improved 18 points in math, in just under 2 weeks. That is wonderful, and I am so proud of him trying so hard! (Notice I did not say "he is smart" - because praise like that hurts kids.)

Harrison had another nightmare last night. Poor little guy. During his prayers he asked, "Please keep Daddy alive." Perhaps when things get calmer for you, we can go back to you reading them a chapter at bedtime.

**okay, stopping now so I can get the house picked up. Fina fell asleep, so we will be waiting until she wakes to go shopping.

And I sat down the next day, lol!!!

Okay, so, the rest of the day went like this:


No, really, it was great! The kids did great at the grocery store, and were angels at McDonalds. The kids met some other kids at the playland, and the children asked Harrison if he was sick. Harrison was confused, and the kids said, "Well, you aren't in school, so you must be sick, right?" No, lol. Those kids did not have school that day, and found it interesting our kids didn't have school any day! (Boy are they wrong! They have more school days than any kid in traditional schools!)

Seraphina sat in a high chair for the first time ever (supported by a blanket, and of course I stayed close to her at all times). She loved it! No, she did not eat McDonalds food- she tried to grab it, but no no no.

Grocery shopping was a breeze. I wore Seraphina and pushed the cart, and the boys helped me get items from the shelves. I often asked Carter to look for an item, and would show him the general location, and ask him to read the labels until he found what I wanted. He did really well! (He was annoyed, but did it anyway without complaint.)

The kids did really well until bedtime, not sure what the disconnect was. They had a hard time, but ended up going to sleep eventually. Seraphina was pretty wakeful at first, but once I went to bed she slept GREAT! She woke once between 11pm and 9am! It was wonderful! Carter kept Harrison quiet (I could hear his instructions) and let me sleep in until almost 9. GREAT GREAT GREAT!


  1. Go Carter! Fina is such a doll!

  2. Love that pic of Seraphina. I have it on the wallpaper of my phone! :)