Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 10!


This morning blurred with last night.

Carter, as you know, went to bed feeling quite sick. After I finished blogging I took a bath. It was wonderful! I used one of my parents' bath fizzies, it was luxurious! I felt refreshed, grabbed my book, shot my parents a quick thank-you for the fizzies, and then Fina woke up, lol! It was okay, I was thankful for her timing, I got my bath!!! Just after Fina fell asleep, I heard screaming coming from the boys' room. Harrison had a horrid nightmare! He refused to sleep anywhere but with me. So, two kids in my bed = long night. I was terrified of something happening to Seraphina, as she usually has so much room in the bed with me, so I just couldn't sleep at all. She couldn't either, and was crying every two hours.

I ended up sending a very sleepy Harrison to his own room at 7, and nursing Fina. I knew it was time to get ready to go to Church, but I closed my eyes and it was 9am! The kids had gotten up late too, but both felt okay (thank Heavens!), and they had breakfast. I changed Seraphina, and settled down to nurse her again, and we fell asleep again! Fina and I napped together until ONE this afternoon! The boys were thrilled, they had built a whole Lego city, and had rested as well.

The cats brought me a dead bird today... /sigh... they also brought the ham bone back to the front yard. I wonder what they are trying to say... hmmmm....

I didn't take many pictures today, and the ones I did snap didn't look great. So, I will text them instead of putting them on here. Sorry about that, just too exhausted!

Well, that is it for today, not much to tell I am afraid. Spent the waking hours playing with Fina and the boys, and the boys enjoyed playing Wii for the first time in days (I know, they got away with a LOT today, right?!). Hope you had a restful Sunday!

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  1. I was happy to hear you got a little bit of extra rest today. (by extra, I mean catching up on Z's lost the night before)

    A relaxing bath! Always good for some relaxation time. Ya have to treat yourself every so often I think.

    I had a pretty relaxing day as well. Church was great. I enjoyed watching a couple hours of the football game with my house-mates.

    Today is going to, hopefully, be very busy. I'm ready to get some work done now that most of the training is complete.

    Love you! Hope shopping goes great today. Thanks for the morning Skype session. Seraphina looks so cute!