Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 1

Dear Kurt-

Even though I saw you 10 hours and 22 minutes ago (not that I am counting...) I miss you like crazy!

As you know, Seraphina decided to thwart your plans to leave quietly at 5am. (Seraphina outfit #1, right here, when she woke up!) No, no. She decided to wake up and coo (thus keeping yours truly from going back to bed) at 4am, so she had no chance of missing you. So even though you were supposed to be the first up, she beat you. She and I were showered and ready for the day when you got up (Seraphina outfit #2)! It was nice to see you off- and bittersweet to see you leaving, as we start our next adventure. (I am now ready for a nap, though... bet you are too!)

Just after you left, I had to call you... I wasn't going to talk about it on here, but you thought it was funny and would be a nice and embarrassing story for Fina's future husband, so- here goes: You pulled away and I went to change Fina's diaper. As I was switching diapers from under her, she jet-streamed pee all over herself. When I say all over, I mean ALL over: outfit, face, hair. She had JUST been showered! Ugh! So, she was rewashed. (Seraphina outfit #3)

The boys were up at 6:30, and dashed through the house to find you. I am not sure why, but they seemed under the impression that your "move" was an elaborate ruse on our part, just for their entertainment. I am not sure what that says about us as parents.... hm.... I am thankful for mobile phones, because they needed to hear your voice in order to calm down!

Breakfast, for you, was at McDonalds. Thanks for the picture, I liked knowing you ate (because you tend to forget...)! I, in return, sent you a picture of our breakfast: hot rice cereal (for Harrison, of course), banana pancakes, and hot cocoa.

Bonus points are awarded for me completing the dishes immediately after breakfast (you know they are my least favorite chore)!

This picture is Seraphina in outfit 3. It was changed less than 1 hour later, because she drooled so much it soaked to her little belly button!

(Side note- it took three separate sessions to blog that far ^^^ things are very busy!)

We did the kids' homeschool. Started pretty early today, and we were interrupted by deer that walked along the side of the house. By the time I took a pic (okay, okay, by the time I found my phone, and THEN remembered how to open the camera and take a pic) the deer were much farther, but I thought you would appreciate the view!

Okay, honesty time, I sorta failed at Harrison's school today. But, that said, Carter's was finished, so that has to count for something. I asked a few of my homeschooling friends (through text and online) about an issue I was having with Carter's math (mainly, the issue being I expect 100% every single time, and am reluctant to go forward if he gets 90%) and the responses were very helpful. I am going to get over the perfection and move on, as long as I feel like he "gets" it. (It was the first time in a long time I typed something on Facebook and then walked away without browsing other things too... so odd- just logged, typed, and left- it felt so strange! But I got over the feeling quickly, as I was needed by one of the kids for something.) Anyway, I talked to Harrison and he agreed to do schoolwork tomorrow. As a reward for being so flexible, I was flexible and allowed them to stay up an extra half hour and finish watching Batman. No, no... not the Christian Bale Batman, or even the Michael Keaton Batman- the Adam West Batman. Gotta love it! (Harrison had to wear a blue pajama shirt to bed, because he is Batman. Carter needed red, as he is Robin!)

Carter and I burned trash today. Carter carried all the garbage bags for me! He guarded the door too, so the kitties wouldn't come into the garage or the house. He was so helpful! If I thanked him he would smile and say, "I'm the man of the house!" When I asked if he was excited about being the man of the house, he smiled and said, "Yes! Now, I am the daddy! That means I get to stay up late and watch movies, and sleep in your bed!" HAHAA! Harrison had already cornered me and asked if he could sleep with me too! Thankfully I have the perfect solution of, "Sorry boys, I sleep with Seraphina!" And both boys seem to accept that as a valid answer without questioning me further.

Carter is not cold, although it appears he is in the picture. What he is actually doing is attempting to blow the barrel's smoke another direction. 

We went into town today. I was craving chicken soup, so I wanted to make some- but I needed a chicken! My phone flashed me an update of Keri, and I read her family is sick! So, I thought I would make a bit more soup and bring it over to them. Chicken and fresh veggies bought, roasted, and stewed! Harrison was angry because he wanted to stay and play with Keri's kids. I explained they are sick- he said, "They can just cover when they cough- I want to play with them!" Carter wasn't helpful as soon as he realized that they were the "Halloween Friends!" Funny boys!

Here was our dinner, hope you had dinner too, Mister! Actually, this was my dinner. Harrison and Carter just wanted roasted chicken with applesauce as a side. Harrison did end up eating a large bowl of soup a few hours later though.

Here we are, outfit 5... I put this one on her for you!

Your parents came by. Your mom held Seraphina while I finished up the soup (and rocked her while I drove it over to Keri's house! Oh, you will be so proud- I took those boxes of baby clothes over there too! They are officially out of the house, so they can be checked off the "Things we don't want to accidentally move!" list!) It was hard to leave Seraphina, even though I only drove a few miles down the street. I don't think I can do it again, I was sort of a mess the whole drive!

Your dad looked at the garage door, googled about it, and attempted to troubleshoot- but in the end couldn't get it to work. When I came inside the house your mom was rocking a happy baby, but soon Fina was super fussy (this was at 6:30 or so- you can imagine how exhausted she was!!!!). Your mom walked over to me and Seraphina put her tiny arms out and reached for me!!!! It was the sweetest thing, and melted my heart!

I won't lie, I am pretty sure some of Fina Colada's late-day fussiness was because she missed you. We both know who is her favorite! Carter was great and held her for me today, he even read her a book without me asking him! Harrison tries to help, but is a little too enthusiastic for Seraphina's taste, but he still tries!

Thanks for calling the kids at bedtime- they really loved hearing you read to them! It was really sweet of you to think ahead and take pictures of their book!

I miss you, I love you, and I hope you had a wonderful day!!!!


  1. Aww, outfit #3 is CUTE! And Allie used to wear outfit #5 too! Great post.

  2. Thank you so much for the terrific update! :) Miss you all!