Thursday, January 31, 2013


We got your care package today! Thank you! The kids loved it, and so did I! The kids loved the Jazz basketball kit the most- they had a blast playing! Seraphina loved watching them! She kept shouting things at them- I think she wanted to play too! The boys really loved the treats and the movie- it was so nice because you gave us a great break today! It is wonderful to get a box in the mail, filled with lovingly selected items, all meant to help us smile. EXCELLENT! It really gives us a mini-vacation!

The snow kept blowing today. Someone was really sweet (afraid I don't know who they were) and cleared out our driveway! So nice! It was still blustery and cold, and the wind chill is too nasty- so even the boys wanted to stay in. I didn't see a single cat all day - too cold! 

This is the boys playing "basketball" with your little ball! Look at Carter's stance! So funny!

Seraphina was impressed with their basketball skills!

This is impressive, and so wonderful! Carter was thrilled today because, as you know, 90WPM reading is the goal for "fluent reading" in our 2nd grade Language Arts program. Carter, at the beginning of the year, hovered pretty low. He could read, but lacked confidence, but he kept trying. Now, half through the year, he has nearly hit the perfect goal! He was so proud of himself!!! Practice really works, and he was thrilled! (He read to Harrison today: Bears! Bears! Bears!) He has gotten great at doing voices (looking for quotation marks!) and paying attention to punctuation and reading with appropriate feeling. It is really impressive, you are going to be thrilled for him!

The boys help me with dishes every time I do them now. At this is what I see every night when I "close the kitchen!" A shiny sink- just perfect FlyLady style! It is there to greet me in the morning, and I love it!

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