Friday, November 30, 2012

Thankful thoughts!

This time of year always makes people start to list their many blessings. I am no exception. I find this time of year brings me more joy and peace than most any other time. Recalling pleasant times of the past, and looking ahead to the days in the future, I cannot help but feel gratitude!

Seraphina has been doing so well! Her doctor is happy with her growth and progress, our little two month bundle was 11 pounds and 5 ounces! She is a joy, and her smiles melt our hearts every day. She is a morning person, for sure, and her first coos are followed by beaming gummy grins! Things she loves: when Kurt and I stand next to each other- so she can look at one and then the other, her SwaddleMe blankets and her bassinet- they are her favorite things come 6pm, when we say "mama" or "dada" repeatedly- she giggles! Her first smile was October 8th, and her first laugh was November 2nd. She is still on a home monitor, and will remain on one for at least another month due to her heart rate dips.

Harrison finished his first section of Hooked on Phonics! He really loves homeschool, and is doing very well! He took it upon himself to write his Grandma Joyce a letter, and drew her a picture of his current favorite person (Captain Jack Sparrow... yes, you have to say the whole thing). He folded the papers (rather creatively, I may add), and asked us to mail them. We problem solved a less bulky way of folding his treasures, and we mailed his letter.

Carter is reading very well- he is currently addicted to Scooby-Doo mystery books. He has been doing book reports as well! It is so neat to see him interested in reading, and I am happy to visit the library often to help him get his "fix" of books! Carter is very interested in his friends, the children of a wonderful homeschooler named Melissa. Melissa has seven children, so Carter and Harrison get a great choice of playmates! The kids cannot get enough of her family, and Carter is no exception- he always gets very sad when we leave from visits with them!

Kurt has had more interviews, the interviews always seem to go really well- and he keeps being told that someone will contact him with follow up interviews, second interviews, or potential offers- only to find that things are on hold for (insert random reason here). So, for the meantime, we are cooling our heals and trying to enjoy having a holiday season together. I am finishing finals this week, and it has been helpful to have Kurt home to help with the kids and the house- he is so great at managing things around here, I have become quite dependent on him!

That is pretty much all of our updates for now!

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