Friday, August 17, 2012

State Fair!

We arrived in Iowa just in time to make the State Fair! The boys and I have never been to a State Fair- so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit this one! We went on opening day, and it was perfect! It wasn't too crowded, the climate wasn't too hot, and we were very excited! Each of us had something we wanted to see or do:

Harrison wanted to have cotton candy!
Carter wanted to see the train exhibit!
Kurt wanted to visit the Varied Industries Building!
I wanted to see the famous "butter cow!"

 The boys pose for us in the parking lot- they are so excited to visit the fair!

Of course they had to sit in this, lol.

The first stop was to the butter cow!!! We did not snap a picture of it- but try and imagine a cow sculpted out of enough butter to cover 19,200 pieces of toast. That's a lot of butter!!! 

Our second stop was to the Union Pacific exhibit!

We then got Harrison some cotton candy. He was such a sweetheart and shared with the rest of us! (Can you tell what color the cotton candy was?)

While we were thinking of snacks... I managed to convince Kurt to try some famous "fried butter!" (To set the record straight- Kurt did not really want to try fried butter- but he took one for the team and did it anyway! Last year we had seen a news story about fried butter and the Iowa State fair, and I felt like it would be appropriate for Kurt to try it out!!! **I would have tried it, but Kurt and I both agreed that heat, pregnancy, and fried butter do not sound like a great combination.

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