Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baby Shower?!

On Monday I got the biggest surprise EVER!

I logged on to facebook to find that the women in my online birth group had arranged to throw me a virtual baby shower!!! The ladies got together, formed a secret group, and arranged to send us baby gifts!!!

There are no words that can express my gratitude to these women, or my surprise at their overwhelming kindness! I have now known about the shower for 4 days, and I *still* cannot wrap my mind around their thoughtfulness and their generosity!

As the days have gone by, packages have started to arrive- we already have SEVEN! Tomorrow, the women will invite me to the hidden facebook group, and I will see pictures of everything that is going to be arriving. I am literally floored by this!!!!

I wish I had words to express my feelings- but I literally cannot find any! Tomorrow Kurt is going to film me opening the gifts that are here, and going to put things together to make a video. Imagine my surprise when I have been told there is *more* than these 7 large boxes?! As they continue to come, Kurt will either take pictures or film me opening them, and we will continue to add to the blog. While I am generally a camera shy person (as evident in my lack of pictures of myself on here) - Kurt and I both feel like this is the very least we can do to share in our gratitude and excitement for this amazing miracle that has touched our lives!

This is truly a miracle for us. Genuinely. I wish I had more to say, but cannot find the words. I cry each time I think about it- my very soul is warmed!

This amazing act has affected everyone in our family. The following story is copied from my own facebook status, from this past Tuesday. I cannot rewrite it- I cry even harder when I think about it, and typing about the beautiful baby shower already makes me cry enough!!! So forgive the copy/paste I have done- but this is too near my heart to redo right now.

We got a package today! It was the first package from the ladies from my birth group, for my virtual baby shower! We are not opening the box until Friday- which made the boys even more curious about it! Kurt insisted the package was for the baby, and shooed the children and I away while he hid the gift. 

Carter couldn't stop thinking about the package, and later came to us and asked us about it again. Kurt (with the patience of a saint) decided to jump on the teachable moment and talk with Carter about all his blessings. Carter didn't understand and said, "But the baby is 0- it isn't her birthday, is it? So why does she get presents?" Kurt pointed out all of Carter and Harrison's comforts. He tried to get Carter to imagine not having toys, clothes, or a bed. He asked Carter how he would feel if all he had was 4 shirts, booties, and a car seat. Carter nodded and listened, and then soberly went to his room. Both Kurt and I were a bit annoyed- we thought Carter's sober attitude was his lack of mailed packages.

10 minutes later Carter emerged from his room wearing his Santa hat and a belt. He presented me with a box, labeled "0." Carter told me the box was really for the baby- and he wrote 0 because that is her age. I opened the box to find a piece of paper, with a drawing, and some tape on the back. I smiled, and asked him what it was. He told me it is a drawing of some pants- and the tape is so I can tape the pants to my belly. I smiled and taped the paper, pants drawing facing out, to my tummy. Carter smiled, and said, "Yay! Now __(baby's name)__ has pants!!!"

Kurt smiled, I cried. He did understand- he just wanted to contribute, like the generous friends who are sending us things. I am so proud of my son =)


  1. I am so happy you have so many wonderful people in your life!

    1. Me too!!! I am so blessed- SO SO SO blessed!!!!