Sunday, March 4, 2012

Skate Night!

We had Sean overnight on Thursday, and we wanted to have some fun. We were discussing options in the car when Sean asked if we had ever been roller skating. Our kids had actually never gone, so we decided it would be really fun!!!

When Kurt got off of work we all went to the rink. What a great time! When we arrived, Sean believed he couldn't skate on his own. He soon realized that holding onto Kurt wasn't an option, as Carter and Harrison were *very* new to skating and needed help, and he didn't want to hold my hand because I wasn't skating. Sean was brave and went alone, and to his shock he could skate really well!!! 

Our kids fell a great deal, but they got up every time and they LOVED skating!!! Kurt was an excellent skater (of course... is there anything he *can't* do???) and helped the kids, but by the end of the evening our boys' independent personalities came out to shine, and they wanted to skate alone. What big brave kids!!!!

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