Friday, March 30, 2012

Disneyland! Part 2

Day 3

Tuesday was our Magic Morning at Disneyland Park. Magic Morning is where you go inside the park an hour earlier than the regular park opening. I woke at 5:30 and woke Kurt at 6:00. We had Mickey Mouse call Carter at 6:15 and we were all ready to have breakfast at 6:30. Our breakfast was finished and we were at the park shortly after 7am. Ouch, so early! (Keep in mind Daylight Savings was just a few days before!)

 Kurt is ready for fun!

Carter and Harrison were trying hard to be ready for fun at the park, but it was hard!

During breakfast we picked up a Disneyland map and the boys chose which rides they would like to enjoy first. We planned our morning rides, and then decided that we would catch the first Jedi Training session of the day at 10:30. We started with Carter's request for the flying rockets, and then proceeded to Harrison's request for the Finding Nemo submarine ride. After that Kurt and the boys decided to try Space Mountain. However, once the approached the ride, Carter asked to please go back- it was too frightening. Kurt understood and they all left the line. I do not have pictures of the kids on every ride. This was a difficult day and my morning sickness was getting the better of me, so I focused on my family rather than taking pictures.

 When did he get big enough to ride alone?! They grow so quickly!

I was not feeling well enough to ride this one, so Kurt took my place. He doesn't like rides that spin in a circle, but he was a trooper and did it for Harrison!

I did manage to snap some pictures of us on the Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter Tea-Cup rides, as well as the Its a Small World ride (Kurt *HATED* it!)!

 We all loved the Alice in Wonderland ride!

 Kurt's stomach refused to allow him on the tea cups. I did not think I would be okay with them, but the kids really wanted to go so I agreed. I am thrilled to report there is not as much spin to them as I originally thought- so they weren't too difficult =)

 Carter and Harrison didn't mind the Small World!

Kurt and I being silly- pretending to be scared of the dolls. I say we pretended... but he might have actually been scared of them. He requested we never *ever* ride that ride again. I think the song got to him... but that could be because the kids and I sang the song for the rest of the day, lol!

Then it was on to Toad's Wild Ride! We did not have to wait long, but while we were on the ride it broke!!! I snapped a picture of the cast member getting Kurt and Carter- it sort of looks like they were kicked off the ride, lol!

 Harrison and I act really silly while we wait for them to lead us off of the ride.

Love this picture, it looks like they were removed from the ride! The cast member was really nice and very apologetic for the technical difficulties the ride was having and offered us to wait and go first when it started again- but we had bigger plans!

Now that we had experienced rides and fun it was time for (drum roll please...) Jedi Training!!! We arrived at the pavilion early, in fact, our children were the third group to sit down. Kurt and I sat at a table in the cafe that backs up to the crowd (we were only about 10 feet from the children, who were directly in front of us), and we ordered snacks while we waited. We were there 40 minutes before the training was supposed to start, and the boys took their seats on the front line 25 minutes to show time. The kids didn't understand what they were waiting for, but Kurt assured them that their patience would be rewarded. We hoped that our children would be chosen for Jedi Training, but as hundreds of people started to gather our hopes started to dwindle. There were children in full Jedi gear, others in Star Wars apparel, and some families had taken the time to create elaborate banners saying things like, "Pick me!!!" or "The Force is strong with this one!!!" Kurt and I looked around, looked down at our meek and rather mild mannered children (especially compared to the other kids!) and we felt pained. Kurt went down to them, and explained that when the time came it would be okay for them to stand up, cheer, and shout. They both nodded and the event started, Kurt took his place next to me, and we held hands and hoped they would be chosen!

Then... the Jedi Masters and the Padawan came onto the stage. Our children couldn't help but jump up and shout!

That tall set of raised arms are Carter's, and the smaller set to his left are Harrison's. The main Jedi master is on stage. The main Jedi master was a bald African-American, so Carter screamed out, "YEAH! MACE WINDU!!! HOORAY!" The Disney cast didn't seem to mind, thankfully! It made sense to Carter that if people were dressed as Stormtroopers then this man must be trying to be Mace Windu (who is Carter's favorite Star Wars character).

The Jedi master scanned the crowd. He slowly started choosing children. Kurt and I became instantly hopeful when we realized the two children first chosen had been from the first two groups that had sat down before we did- 40 minutes before. With any luck they were picking children who had been waiting the longest!!! We held our breath and then- BOTH of our children were selected together! Kurt and I joined in the crowd of cheers and screams- we were so thrilled! Families around us patted our backs and congratulated us- it was astounding!!!

Bashful little Harrison waves to the crowd!

Carter gets ready! He didn't look at us through the entire Jedi training- he was too absorbed with what was going on.

The boys learned some different Jedi lightsaber techniques and then... out of the blue... STORMTROOPERS ARRIVED!!!! Then something started to come out of the ground!!!

AH! Darth Vader!!!!


The boys finished their Jedi training, received their honorary padawan certificates, and we headed to Disney's California Adventure park. We rode a few rides and went to see the Aladdin play- where we had a ticket for priority seating. We were loving the play and disappointed when the special effects computers broke down- so the play had to stop 1/3 of the way in. The next time we are at Disney we will make a bigger effort to see that neat play!

We decided to break for lunch and grab a fastpass to Soaring over California. We were all pretty tired and irritable, so after we rode Soaring we decided to break and go for a swim. We walked back to the Disneyland Hotel, and we spent hours at the pool. We had so much fun we realized that we were going to miss our dinner reservation, but rather than rush ourselves back into the park, we knew we needed the night off, so we swam some more. We all decided to have dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, as it was pretty close to the hotel, and we were all tired of moving around. We loved our dinner!

After dinner it was after 7pm, so we went back to the hotel. We went to the club and gathered some desserts and picked out a movie. We went to our room, got the kids ready for bed, and before you could say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" the children were sound asleep. Kurt and I stayed up to watch Adventures in Babysitting.

By this time, as you can guess, we knew we had pushed ourselves pretty far. So we decided to "sleep in" until 8:30 and start the next day at Disney's California Adventure park. Good move, and we all slept really well!

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  1. Your son obviously enjoyed his Disney trip! My daughter seems envious of your son's adventure and always asked me about it! Anyhow, We just planned a trip to Disney for May and your post makes me more excited on our upcoming Disney trip! Thanks! Stroller for twins