Sunday, February 12, 2012

About time to update...

Our sweet baby is already 25% ready to join us!!!  I cannot believe that we are already at week 10!

I admit, it has not been easy. There have been some bad days, some really bad days, and some awful days. I have managed to clock more hours on Netflix than I thought I could ever do. Hopefully, as things progress, it will get a bit easier. Already I can tell I feel a wee bit better, so I continue to be optimistic that soon I will be back to feeling more like myself! Eventually, maybe I will even be able to handle making dinner!!! (I kid you not, we live on take-out... not good!) The pregnancy has been very difficult, and we realized that the most important thing right now is our family- we homeschool, have activities, and there was just not enough time for me to dedicate to school. I dropped a few classes and am now part time at the U of U- I am so close to being finished it is hard to do this, but at the same time it was harder to have to spend my few "good days" on schoolwork instead of family time. Not a good thing. So, school is going on the back burner.

In happier news (much much much happier!!!) we just booked our very last 4 person vacation!!! Our family has not had a vacation alone since 2009, so we couldn't pass up this chance! We booked our tickets to Disneyland! We are so excited! The kids are counting down the days, and we are thrilled!!! I will not be riding much, but the walking is excellent and I will be so happy to do all of the other Disney activities! We learned from our Disney '09 trip to make dinner reservations early (we thought we could just wing it last time, and ended up waiting longer for a table than for rides!), so we are already all set for that as well! Everything is paid for- we just need to go! HOORAY!!! I cannot stop thinking of this trip- I am so thrilled!

Carter and Harrison are doing really well! We managed to survive a week while Kurt was in California on training. Ick. It was really difficult, but we managed! The boys have been busy in their homeschool coop, and even took the time to make me a Valentine's Day gift- they fabric colored a new apron! I was so happy! Kurt has been working extra long hours because of all of these training trips- most days I can handle it- but the other day I broke down in tears when he went to work, I miss him so much! I cannot wait for our vacation! Little Ewok is growing right on schedule, and things are going well!!! On Kurt's day off, Kurt took the boys and me to see the Star Wars movie in the theater. We had so much fun! It is really nice when Kurt is home, because he is able to put more outings together- most days I just don't feel up to it. He is such a great guy!!!

I am glad I got to update this, but now if you will excuse me, I am going crawl back to my bed.

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