Sunday, December 4, 2011


On Friday night we were so thrilled because we got to have Sean sleep over! We miss Sean so much, and it was such a great time!

The kids had a blast playing with their Star Wars toys! Our boys let Sean choose the character he wanted to be first, and I was so proud of them! Sean was Obi Wan, Carter was Darth Vader, and Harrison was R2.

As soon as Kurt was home from work we took the boys to dinner. It was adorable when the owner of the restaurant ran over to him, called him by name, and hugged him. I guess we picked a place he would like! He didn't request to go there, but apparently he is a regular! LOL!

When dinner was finished we went home for our homeschool lesson. We did core work during the day, but our main lesson needed night-time! Our lesson was about Christmas tree-toppers. Specifically, we discussed angels and stars. To discuss the reason behind Christmas tree stars we took the boys outside, rested on blankets, and talked about the three wise men who followed a star. It was such a peaceful moment, and the boys loved hearing us talk about the star. We explained that most of the stars in our sky now, looked down upon the baby Jesus during his birth and life on Earth. The kids LOVED that image, and felt so special to be under so many of the same stars that were gazed upon by our Savior!

After our lesson we took the boys inside to watch Christmas movies. They got to eat popcorn! Popcorn is a special treat, since we don't normally eat grains- so the boys were thrilled! After the movies were over, the boys were all tucked into bed, their room decorated with their own Christmas tree and Christmas lights. They all got kisses and hugs, and we expressed our love for them.

In the morning Kurt made Sean's favorite breakfast: bacon and eggs! Sean is a bacon freak- he ate four pieces! Our boys were very upset when Sean had to leave, but his Dad missed him and needed him back, lol. With sad hearts the boys said their goodbyes, and promptly asked me when they would get to see Sean again. With any luck, it will be soon =)

We miss that little punkin so much!


  1. Hi Mellissa...I saw your comment on Our Busy Homeschool about how you participate in the Good Morning Girls studies. I've wanted to join but also wanted at least a few LDS women in my group. I'd love to join yours! Also, I saw on your blogger profile that you follow the blog diy kinda girl. Do you know Heather? She is my good friend from high school and college roommate! Will you email me and let me know what group you're in for GMG? My email is Thanks!

  2. I would LOVE to have you in my GMG group!!! The leader is a super big sweetheart, and has seen my blog, knows my religion, but does not feel like we need to discuss it- which is appropriate. I have *never* had my religion questioned, and most people just talk about the scripture, rather than their religions. I think it is an excellent place for us to show we *ARE!* Christian, and we adore reading the Bible! Heather was my BEST FRIEND in elementary school!!! That is SO funny! I just posted about you on her facebook! LOL This is a very small world...