Sunday, December 18, 2011


In November we studied birds! Harrison decided on our topic, and our unit was so much fun! We read more books than are pictured, but I did not think to take a shot of the books until the end of the unit. We average one trip to the library each week, so I am working on figuring out a good way to catalog all of our readings- obviously a picture will not work! **This blog post is so late due to lack of time in December. 

The boys did a few crafts, print-outs, read a lot of books, and worked hands-on with Blue! At the end of our unit we found a nest that had blown out of a tree near our home. The boys really enjoyed wearing gloves and getting a chance to view and touch a nest up close!

Small sample of our Bird unit work.

 The boys worked with shapes and colors, as we first discussed bird anatomy.

Reading about nests is fun- but handling a nest was even better! Carter loved seeing and touching the abandoned nest!

 Harrison did not find the nest as wonderful. He was a bit grossed out.

The boys really enjoyed doing bird math! Harrison counted and colored while practicing his writing. Carter added the birds on every page, until he had added the entire book! Both boys enjoy dressing up, and while Harrison may demand to wear pajamas, Carter loves being Santa. And of course, our day cannot be complete without Blue (on Santa's collar).

The kids were thrilled when it snowed! They were sad it melted, but decided to cheer themselves by asking to make paper snowflakes to decorate!

 Cutting shapes!

The boys were in awe of how beautiful the snowflakes looked! I was just in awe at how adorable they look when they are excited about something. I love this picture- they are so thrilled about their creations, and I am happy to have snapped the moment!

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