Monday, November 28, 2011


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! Sure, the food is great, but I am really in love with the idea of an entire day dedicated to being thankful! I had such a huge long list of things to be thankful for, and I am so blessed! (I say, "sure, the food is great" because I am not an excellent cook, so Thanksgiving was never a big deal for food in our house... but after this year, I can see why it would be the highlight of the season!!!)

This year was really neat for our family because we spent Thanksgiving with some of our friends! My good friend hosted us, made things gluten-free, and allowed us to take the whole day and relax! It was quite a treat! Things got even better when her best friend's family joined from out of town- so we were able to meet new friends too! 

The food was absolutely fabulous, and our amazing hostess really outdid herself. There was a light lunch with savory pumpkin soup, deliciously blended salad with goat cheese, and from-scratch berry lemonade. The dinner was delicious! Beautiful and perfectly seasoned turkey, two variations of cranberry sides, frog eye salad, freshly home made rolls, perfect mashed potatoes, sinful smelling stuffing, gourmet gravy, and the hands-down most delicious sweet potato souffle I have ever tasted! And for dessert? French cocoa (this is served in Heaven, I am sure!) and ELEVEN different pies!

With six adults and nine children, the house was full of friendship and warmth! We had such a wonderful time, and we were thankful to share it with such great families! The kids all got along really well! Sure, there were a few moments here and there, but remarkably there was less arguing with NINE kids than there generally is with just my TWO! How great!!! The kids made this fort in the back yard, and they were so proud of it! Rightfully so- the thing was amazing! Happy kids, fun adults, great conversation, amazing food- these are excellent memories =)

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