Wednesday, November 2, 2011

H A double-L O W double-E N spells HALLOWEEN!

I love Halloween! The autumn weather puts me in such a great mood! I love to see all the beautiful colors and hear the sound of the leaves- it is a great time of year!

This October was pretty difficult, but all things considered we had so many great things happen to us this month! We have grown even closer as a family, and at the end of the day we can all sigh and smile because we are happy, healthy, and here. I think a huge part of our peace came from my implementation of the Women Living Well fall challenge- it really did make our home much happier!

Our Halloween actually started on Sunday. Last year we started a Halloween tradition of having "Dinner in a Pumpkin!" Because of our hectic Halloween schedule, we decided to have our special dinner on All Hallow's Eve, Eve. So, our pumpkin carving was a nice Sunday activity. (We were sad that Daddy had to work during the day, and missed our pumpkin mess fun!)

The kids helped me carve the pumpkins, and they had such a blast! Our neighbors stopped by and commented on how helpful and strong the boys were- they got a kick out of it =) When the pumpkins were hollowed I asked the children what shapes they would like for the different facial features. Both children were adamant that they needed the pumpkins to look like their grandparents. Funny kids! They gave me shape by shape instructions. Carter's mustache design was especially creative.

Dinner in a Pumpkin never fails to disappoint, and with a few small table decorations our evening was truly special! (The children adored the sparkling cider- it was a great taste of the sugar yet to come the next day!)

On Halloween the boys and I cleaned up the house, got dressed (the children wore costumes all day, of course) and ran some errands. We were sure to stop and visit Daddy at work- his coworkers loved seeing the kids dressed up!

There was an elderly man at the store who was dressed with his wide brim hat and cowboy boots- he was walking out of the store, commenting to one of the saleswomen that Halloween is not much fun anymore, "All the children dress up like ghouls and scary things!" He turned and saw Carter, dressed as a cowboy. He was so excited! Carter was equally excited because he didn't realize that the man was *not* in costume, and was thrilled that he found a grown up who shared his love of Woody from Toy Story! Carter and the man shook hands, and exchanged compliments on hats and shoes, lol!

I was so excited because this year we were able to see Sean on Halloween! We drove to Abi's new home and the children got a chance to play while Abi and I caught up. As soon as it started to get dark, we took the boys out for a bit of trick or treating. We couldn't stay long, because Daddy was almost home, and it is tradition for Daddy to take the kids. The boys had so much fun, they adore Sean!

When we got home, the first thing the boys did was run and hug Daddy. As soon as Daddy was hugged and kissed, Carter gave some love to his new best friend, Felix (AKA: Bad Kitty).

Then we put out some candy (we do not live in an area with a lot of children, so we set out a bowl and I got to take the kids trick or treating too!!!) and we all went around our little neighborhood and trick or treated. It was such a fun time!

When we were finished we took the kids out to dinner (it was almost 8pm!) and had a great meal. After dinner, we came home, changed into PJs (of course, the children wore PJs under their beloved costumes!) and we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. (Carter did not feel like joining us until the last half, he was busy checking out all of his candy with Felix- which is why he is not pictured.)

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