Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Advent is a beautiful way to prepare our spirits for Christmas. Growing up I adored Advent, and looked forward to it eagerly. At one point, either in Catechism or in private school, I made my own little Advent candle holder - a simple small block of wood with four small holes. I hand dipped candles for my small Advent, and I humbly offered it as a part of our Christmas decor. I do not know what happened to my small Advent candle holder, but the memories that surround it live within me.
Remembering Christmases past, Kurt and I both fondly recall Advent candles being a part of our childhood. Kurt does not recall owning an Advent wreath, but loved the idea of bringing one into our home.

The first Sunday of Advent represents Hope. This week, as our youngest child has lit our purple Advent candle, we reflect upon hope.

Pictured here, is our own Advent wreath. In the background is our Jesse Tree, naked- as the tree devotionals did not begin until later in the evening.

I am so excited for this Christmas! I am so thankful that I get to homeschool our boys, and we can literally spend every moment of this season celebrating Christ and learning about the Gospel. I am so thankful for the hundreds of ideas that other parents have shared about teaching core subjects while learning more about the birth of our Savior! Carter and Harrison are excited to learn more about Jesus, and they are also excited about Santa- and in our homeschool that is okay.

May the peace and love that can come from the warm light of the Advent fill our homes!

(We are using the Jesse Tree book from this site)
(Yes, we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and we celebrate Advent! For information about LDS celebrations of Advent you can look here!)


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  2. Thank you, Andrea! I checked out your site, and I love it! I snagged a few recipes, tried them out, and they are awesome! There are a lot of great ideas on there, I would be thrilled to contribute!