Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Harrison!

Harrison had a wonderful birthday! The events of the week have left us all a bit rattled, so we were very thankful for the chance to kick back and have a good time!

The day started with Kurt and Carter taking an entire truckload of boxes to a local charity. We have been so blessed with so many material possessions, and as we look at what the next chapter of our lives will bring, we realized we were ready to part with things that we no longer love or no longer use. It felt wonderful! We still have a lot to do, and sort through, but getting rid of an entire truckload was great!

After the donation drop, Kurt took Carter to pick out Harrison's birthday gift, and they stopped at Starbucks to pick up hot cocoa for the family! What a treat! Since we don't eat a lot of sugar, that was a pretty fun way to start the day!!!

After enjoying our cocoa, the boys showered and wanted to do gift exchanges. Harrison was SO excited about gifts that he literally leaped from the shower, pulled his towel on, and raced to the table. It was pretty adorable to see him so excited, so we humored him and allowed him to open gifts right there! So fun!

After we were all dressed we went to Barnes & Noble and Harrison got to pick another gift! He had received a gift card, and he really enjoyed getting to pick anything he wanted! He looked around the store-browsed books, Lego sets, and toys. He decided on a stuffed Smurf toy- he loved it!

 (Carter took this random picture right before we left the house- I love it!)

Harrison got to choose his activity, and of all the dozens of things we suggested, he asked us to take him and Carter for an afternoon at the park. I won't lie, I was pretty darn shocked! No golfing, massive jungle-gyms, bowling, swimming, movies, or beaches- nope, he just wanted to spend time together at the park! We had such a good time! We all played on the equipment, played on the huge piles of new wood chips, and then had a blast laying on the grass and rolling down hills! Great time!

When we were finished, we went home and played Legos and played with Harrison's new remote control Star Wars Toy. Harrison's parakeet, Blue, loved it! Blue really enjoys the sound of Legos being tossed around, and often sings songs that try and match the sounds- so cute! Blue has been spending more and more time out of her cage, and she is getting really comfortable with our family. It is very nice to see her bond with all of us!

We finished the day with gluten free cupcakes (woah! sugar high!!!) and sang Happy Birthday to our little spaceman!

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