Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pumpkin Pickin' Fun!

Today we went on an outing with a large group of homeschool families! We had a blast! It was extra great because a friend of ours was there with her kindergartner and her toddler twins! She is such a busy mommy! Kurt and I had a blast playing with the twins, and our boys adored playing with her older son- SO FUN! Everyone picked out pumpkins. Carter and Harrison both chose green pumpkins (as usual!), and we now have six beautiful pumpkins on our hearth.

Pumpkin patch! Think its ugly and weedy? We don't! Bring it on- these are organic pumpkins!

 Carter and Harrison enjoyed playing on the playground!

 Carter loves feeding animals!

 Carter and Harrison climbed up trees, our little monkeys!

 Carter's homeschool group!

 Our family- September 2011

 Harrison didn't feel comfortable feeding the animals, but he tossed food in the pens!

 This machine was so neat! The kids put the food in little bins, and cranked the bins to the goats waiting at the top!

 Kurt, holding a little twin- we forget what it is like to be around toddlers- they are such a hoot!

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  1. Love the tractor family picture, very cute! :)