Friday, August 19, 2011

Play Time!

As our week with Cameron came to an end, we found ourselves spending more time relaxing. Taking the boys to an open field is always a good time. We brought the soccer ball, lightsabers, and water bottles, and prepaired to see the kids play hard! Cameron and Kurt played with the boys, while I sat it out. Cameron enjoyed playing soccer (he has fancy footwork!). Kurt played Star Wars. The night came to a close when I took a lightsaber to the head and ten minutes later a soccer ball to the face. Yeahhhhh.... owwwwww.

We were all so sad when Cameron had to leave! When he arrived, the first thing Harrison said to him was, "We love you, Cameron!!!" It was SO sweet! Carter insisted on holding Cameron's hand everywhere he went, and they loved having him here with us!!!

**Update: Cameron left two weeks ago, and Carter still calls the spare room, "Cameron's Room!" LOL! We all love Cameron so much!

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