Monday, July 11, 2011


Carter waves goodbye. He told me he was going to be home later, lol

I enjoyed riding the train with Harrison!

Grandpa looks at the couplings.

Grandpa enjoys the view from the caboose.

Grandpa and the boys watch the cars couple.

See that up there? That is Carter's head sticking out from the window of the caboose!

Carter takes his seat in the coupla and is ready to ride!

Harrison enjoys riding the train. This time he sits outside.

Carter REALLY wants to work on the railroad!

Carter explores the trains in the yard.

Carter has decided to try and drive this one. He and Harrison told Grandpa and I to find the keys for them.... how about nooooo.

Saturday was the boys' annual trip to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum with Grandpa! The kids ADORE it there, because they get to climb all over about 70% of the trains. What fun! We spent the day there and the kids had fun exploring all the neat trains and cars, they rode a few too! All kids like trains, but Carter breathes trains, so the trip is always especially exciting for him.

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