Friday, June 10, 2011

What a week!

This week was crazy. So crazy that I neglected to post my scriptures, or worse- some days I neglected to read at all! No wonder I feel drained and edgy. Didn't I remember the wise words telling me to put God first? Well, the week is over, and I will do better next week. Next week Kurt will be home and we will be a bit more used to having both boys home full time. We made some big decisions this week. We saw a few big milestones this week. We are ready for change =)

Here were the uplifting scriptures for this week:

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  1. this keeps me in check as well--there have been many times lately that i have felt this way, and I am glad to see i'm not alone. That said, i'm hoping that I can still keep up with daily readings, as it does really help you keep calm and balanced throughout your day, and realize the true important things God has set forth for you. :)