Thursday, June 16, 2011

Take the plunge!

Carter walked to the edge, but was not so sure about jumping off. When he saw Kurt and I on the sides of the pool, he gathered his courage and took the plunge into the depths below. He popped to the surface, laughing, and swam easily to the side of the pool. Rinse, repeat!

Harrison enjoyed the shallower waters of the spa.

Harrison demanded to go off the high dive. We told him he could... if he was willing to just jump into the pool from the pool's edge. He refused for awhile, but once he agreed to jump in he got pretty upset. Good thing we didn't let him do the high dive!

Carter takes breaks, and it is adorable!

This is Carter's face after his FIRST jump off a diving board! He LOVED it and went about fifty more times! Dad and Mom jumped off too- so fun!

Carter's very first jump =)

Harrison prefers to take a break on Mommy's lap =)

Our tennis club has an outdoor pool and the kids have been begging to go. On Kurt's day off we decided to head there for a family outing. What fun! The pool has two diving boards, a pool that goes up to eighteen feet in depth, and a spa. We were very happy to find the spa was not much warmer than the pool, and doubles as a kiddie pool. Harrison doesn't trust the water enough to try and swim on his own yet, but he is happy to splash around anywhere his toes can touch the bottom, so the spa was one of his favorite places. The four hours we spent there sure flew fast!**

**Many thanks to the Aloe Gator brand of sunblock. I apply it ONE time per day and no one gets burned (or tan!)! I used it in Africa and I loved it, and it was the only thing we took to Mexico! A little goes a long way, and it is TOTALLY water and sport proof!

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