Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A day out looks like...

A typical day out for our family looks something like this...

First we run errands. Here we had visited the bank, and on our way out Harrison found a pine cone. All his life Harrison has adored pine cones- and his bedroom generally contains at least two. Harrison can also be found carrying around a toy of some kind (generally a stuffed animal of some sort) and often (as pictured above) treats.

Next stop is Barnes and Noble! Mommy takes time to read on Kindle, and boys take time to play trains with any kids who happen to be there.

After Barnes and Noble it is movie time! Here the boys enjoy sitting on one of the couches in the theater! Popcorn, anyone?

After all the excitement from the day the boys need to wind down. No better place than the little park next to our home! The kids run around and get their wiggles out before bedtime.

Perfect day!


  1. YES! It is the dollar theater too! It is inside one of the casinos, so it is really well maintained. The kids LOVED it!