Thursday, May 19, 2011

Totally appropriate...

Yesterday was a very busy day! Carter to school, brunch with the ladies from my last ward, then a fun afternoon of cooking with a friend of mine. The morning started in such a chaotic blur, I was happy to get Carter to his classroom. The brunch was perfect- wonderful friends, food, and fellowship. Abi went with me, it was very nice to have her there! After the brunch I went to my friend Arlene's house, where she taught me how to cook a perfect roasted chicken. Wearing aprons and discussing ways on imrpoving the family put me in a light and happy mood. I picked up Carter and Sean from school (Sean's usual sitter was in the hospital- oh no!!) and we went back to Arlene's and had a delicious dinner. Before I knew it the day was over, and I was so tired! I had a great time, and everyone in my family was happy (and tired!), so we all passed out before I had managed to read my scripture for the day. Darn. How does that happen???

Well, today I read the scripture for yesterday, as well as today. Yesterday's scripture was perfect- and completely applied to my situation. It was totally appropriate, and hit me as effectively as a lightning bolt!

As wonderful, productive, and uplifting as yesterday was- the day was not run as it should have been. I should have started my busy day with my scriptures. Yes, I have excuses- I didn't plan on going to Arlene's, I fell asleep so fast and didn't mean to, I made it up today, etc etc. But in the end, I honestly did not put God before myself yesterday, and I did not seek out His kingdom. This is so important! I have to make the effort- I have to make the change. I normally have a routine, and my scripture time is set at a quiet time of the day that I know I can be alone. However, as the summer comes and my routine changes, I know I need to change the way I do my schedule, and Seeking the Kingdom of God needs to be FIRST! I am so glad this was the scripture for yesterday, because it applied to me perfectly. (Funny how that works, right? It is both unbelievable and totally believable at the same time!)

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