Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Carter is ready to swim!

Harrison enjoys the spa.

Harrison is excited to get in the pool!

Carter gets into the pool, ready to swim!

Harrison is so cute!

Carter takes a dip in the spa.

Carter swims with Danielle- working on his kicks.

Harrison just sprang out of the water!

Carter floats =)

Carter loves to swim in "the deep!"

Carter can't touch the bottom, but doesn't need to because he swims!

Carter gets out of the pool, doesn't he look like such a grown-up?!

Harrison, post swim!

Carter, post swim!

Today was the last day of the boys' swimming lessons. Carter loved his teacher, Danielle. Harrison loved his teacher, Allie. The boys made such huge improvements! Carter can float on his front and back, and can swim in the water from point A to point B! Carter enjoys doing flips in the water, and having his feet in the air. One of the ways Carter loves to swim is, "like a shark!" by holding his hands together and moving his body like an eel. It is so adorable! I am so happy- I feel so much safer knowing that if he fell into a pool he would be able to swim to safety!

Our little Harrison started out with a VERY serious fear of the water. At the first lesson, Harrison wouldn't put his chin in the water. After a week he touched his chin to the water, and a week later he went to his mouth. Week by week little Harrison's courage increased and at the end of his lessons he not only puts his whole head in the water- but he can push down into the water and pick up toys from the bottom of the pool! Harrison now will hold onto a board and kick his feet- he no longer needs to cling to a caregiver! Yay!!!

I am so proud of both of my boys! They tried their hardest and they both improved AND had fun! I am happy they are more comfortable in the water, as our gym has two pools and I forsee a lot of swimming over the summer =) WAY TO GO, GUYS!

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