Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Master

The disciple is not above his master: but every one that is perfect shall be as his master.
-Luke 6:40

Every day I learn and grow. I remember once thinking that children were the only ones who learned lessons, and than when I became an adult I would somehow know everything I ever needed to know. I believed that people could learn new hobbies or crafts, but life lessons as an adult? Psh, never! Boy was I wrong! I learn just as much now as I ever did as a child, but I need to constantly remind myself to be open to the lessons that God is wanting to teach. Heavenly Father is not going to stand in front of me with a whiteboard and attempt to get me to pay attention. God's lessons come from life experiences, and are most effective when paired with Christian teachings. If I am open to it, I learn many new things each day. If I want to make the most of these teachings, I can search my scriptures for answers to my questions, and for examples on how I should live my life. My master is Christ, and although I would never proclaim to be above him in any way whatsoever, my heart's hope is that each day I will grow more like Him as I learn from His teachings and example.

I am so fortunate to have so many amazing positive influences to help me on my spiritual journey. Just last week a great friend felt impressed to lend me a copy of I am a Mother on CD. I own the book, and read it years ago, but I smiled and took the CDs and agreed to give them a listen. I remember it being a pretty good book, and I was happy to have something to listen to while I drive my son to school (my commute is almost 2 hours each day! I will be SO happy when school is over!). As I read I was impressed by the wonderful outlook that the author had about motherhood. I laughed at some of the funny stories, and I cried at many of the sections of the book that strongly declared the importance of Christ-centered mothering. This book, at THIS time, was exactly what I needed, and I am so thankful to have a friend who thought of lifting my spirit!

Today, I am making a list of all the many people that inspire me to be a better mother, and daughter of God. I appreciate the time they give to me, and their efforts. Above all, I am thankful for Christ, for giving all of us such a perfect example of selfless love and dedication. He is my master =)

**Art at the top of this post is by Greg Olsen

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