Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Catching Fish

Yes, it is a bit hammy to post pictures like these, but I am a big Lego fan (and so are my boys!) so I thought using them as a visual aid was appropriate.

The scripture John 21, is a very good read. When looking at the things Jesus was trying to teach, we see that there are many messages inside this chapter. Breaking down just a small portion of these we see a multitude of comforting blessings that can come from following Christ.

In the scripture, Jesus was standing on the shore while his disciples were fishing on the water. The disciples did not recognize The Savior. Jesus asked the disciples if they had caught fish. When the disciples answered no, Jesus suggested casting the net to the right side of the boat. Upon doing so, the disciples found a vast amount of fish. As the disciples pulled the net full of fish to shore, it was found, surprisingly, that the net that held the multitude of fish had not broken.

When Jesus gives us a task, he provides the way for us to complete it. Jesus understood the difficulty in finding food and resources, and he helped provide means. The Savior did not hand them fish, but simply suggested a different path in which to find the fish. In our lives, The Savior does not force us to walk His path, he simply and lovingly provided us an example to follow. His examples, and The Church that he put on this earth, are meant to help lead us safely back home. His atonement provides us forgiveness for our sins through the beautiful process of repentance and growth. Our Savior loves us- he wants us to eat and walk with Him =)

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