Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Branches and Vines

Today's reading came from John 15:4,5. I enjoy scriptures so much because they say so many different things at different points in our lives. Perhaps that is why doing reading groups is so much fun- it is really enjoyable to hear the vastly different take-aways everyone else got from reading the same passages.

The scripture today likens humans to branches, and The Savior to the vine. Branches, by themselves, are strong. They can hold weight, and can stay strong though most storms. They are produced in groups, but they themselves, are individual. I think it was amazing to describe humans this way, as branches. Sure, without having a relationship to The Savior, we can all float through life. We can get up, breathe air, eat food, get married, have kids, and die. We are strong, and we are capable of holding weight. But without the vine... branches are simply branches.

The Savior, however, is like the vine. The vine is what bears fruit, the vine needs the branch in order to be able to create the fruit, and the fruit is what we all long for. The vine needs the branch, and the branch needs the vine. Without the vine, given to us through whisperings of a still small voice, or Comforter of our hearts, we are unable to bear the fruit we long for- meaning, purpose, salvation. Yes, we can get through our mortal lives without the vine, but we will never be able to taste the sweet fruits of exaltation.

What beautiful thoughts! I love this scripture! This applies to me as a mother, because there is nothing more important I will do in this life than try and bring my children back Home. I hope that my boys know how much I love them, and I hope that they know how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love them too. I want my children to know they they, too, are strong branches, and I would love for them to cultivate their own vines and bring forth the precious fruits that God would love to give them. =)

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