Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Carter!

Kids are thrilled to open the package from Grandma Lyle!

GIFTS! The kids sort and open!



Carter just started to open the package from Grandma Lyle! The pictures are out of order, sorry!

Amazing kite from our family friends!

Darth Vader Carter!

Hugs from Grandma Smith- Happy Birthday!

Time for gifts!

Bowling fun with friends! Carter had a great time with Alisha, Marcus, Madison, and Harrison! FUN TIMES!

Carter won!

Harrison did this- lol! Perfect pins!

Brothers love bowling!

The brothers make sure that the other kids don't beat them, lol!

Look at that style! Carter bowls so well!


Awwww, Carter is so cute! Hard to believe he is 6!!!

It is blurry, but this was Carter's reaction when he first saw his "volcano cake!"

"MAMA! Look! A volcano cake! I WANT THAT!" Carter saw it in the bakery catalog and INSISTED on it!

Happy 6th Birthday, Carter!

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