Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Sunday!

Our Easter Sabbath began with the creation of Resurrection Rolls. We worked on them together, as a family, and explained each step to the children. It was very nice- we all got our hands dirty, and our hearts full.

The boys (all of them!) really enjoyed this hands-on activity!

Carter dressed himself as Darth Vader this morning, so it was nice to have him remove the mask and join us =)

Harrison did not enjoy touching the butter, he did not like the feeling of sticky marshmallow!

The marshmallows are gone! They were quite impressed!

Easter Basket time! Daddy put together the Lego sets that Grandma Joyce put in the baskets! How fun!

Ready for Church! They enjoyed wearing ties, like Kurt =)

Carter and Kurt =) Carter still sits in a special car seat. Why skimp on safety?

Me, and the love of my life, on Easter 2011

Harrison, being adorable!

The Lyle men =)

It was a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


There is something magical about Easter. To me, Easter is practically as exciting as Christmas. As the children have grown, we realize that we created small traditions without consiously doing so. While I wouldn't recommended this to my children (boys- careful planning with your spouse can only enhance a holiday for your family, and cut stress for your marriage) the early years of parenthood were so busy that we were forced to prioritize and only did what was most important to us, rather than allow a lot of holiday fluff to get in the way. Perhaps I don't mean that we created traditions, as much as we unconsciously did NOT buy into many of the mainstream American Easter traditions. We never did the "Easter Bunny" thing. Sure, the kids see tons of bunnies this time of year- be it in chocolate or stuffed form, but they do not understand the concept of the "Easter Bunny" entering our home and hiding baskets. Do they have baskets? Of course! However, it was never something that Kurt and I did for them, but rather something their Grandma Joyce enjoyed putting together (not going to lie- she outdoes herself every single year, and Kurt and I have just as much fun going through the piles of candy and toys that she lovingly nestles inside the fun baskets). The mall's Easter Bunny was never something our kids had to see because we didn't line up at the court and wait for pictures (Santa only gets pictures every other year) and we didn't color eggs. We didn't put on egg hunts, although many of the events we attended had them. To us- it is not about eggs and bunnies, it is about The Savior.

Because we were always short on time, we didn't really get to go crazy on Easter activities. Now that I am home with the boys, however, we find ourselves being invited to brunches, parties, egg hunts, and festivals. While this can be a good thing, we have found ourselves in a predicament. What should we do with our time? What is the best way to educate our kids about Easter?

With so many wonderful and creative options, it can be difficult to filter the things which would best benefit our family. For us, Easter has always included new clothes (a tradition carried down from my family), cute self-portraits of our family, baskets (which the kids know are from Grandma Joyce), and above all, Church. Now that I am home, and the boys are older, we will be adding a traditional Easter dinner- Kurt is thrilled, he loves ham.

To add to our holiday, I decided that our breakfasts will now include these on Easter morning. What a wonderful way to discuss The Savior! Take marshmallows, roll them in melted butter. Coat them with sugar and cinnamon. And fold them into crescent roll dough. Bake. What a great idea! The marshmallow represents Jesus. When he died, he was anointed with oil (butter) and spices (cinnamon and sugar), and laid to rest in a tomb (crescent roll dough). But Jesus overcame death, and was risen. So, when the crescent rolls are finished baking, and the children open them- they will see that Christ (the marshmallow representation) is gone! What a simple and sweet way to explain and demonstrate the miracle of The Resurrection. Yes, we will add that tradition =) Our family will make them together Easter morning. (Harrison and I will make, but not eat)

As our traditions evolve throughout our years, I am thankful that our priorities have stayed the same. Faith in God, our family, and our friendships are what matters most to us.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday and can remember the real reason we have to celebrate- Jesus lives!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Ward

Pictures of Carter and Harrison before going to Church. The last pic, is Harrison eating one of his favorite snacks- grapefruit!

One of the best things about being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is that we always have a building, full of wonderful members, waiting for us when we move. We never have to "church shop" or wonder about different congregations and their opinions of scriptures, doctrine, or even morality.

Moving is always a little bit scary. Church is not. We have found that there are always friends waiting for us, and we are always welcomed! Sure, some wards are different than others, but that does not have to be seen as a bad thing. Our new ward has a tiny Primary, so our children don't have a lot of peers in their Sunday School classes. While we can look at this as a negative thing, we choose to look at it as a positive one- now our kids have smaller classes with more individualized scripture study and activity planning! Our new ward also contains many more empty-nester's than young families. While we can look at this with a frown, we choose to look at it as a wonderful tool for us to use- think of all of the amazing advice they can offer, all of the great stories, all of the enriching experiences that they can share! Just the years of happy marital tidbits alone is a treasure, I am sure! Think of the great tricks and ideas they have for us, while we raise our kids- because they have already done it!

I am so thankful for our Church. I love it. I am thankful for the way our Church is set up- we always have a building, and a meeting time, and we always go to Church with our closest neighbors. This is perfection!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Carter!

Kids are thrilled to open the package from Grandma Lyle!

GIFTS! The kids sort and open!



Carter just started to open the package from Grandma Lyle! The pictures are out of order, sorry!

Amazing kite from our family friends!

Darth Vader Carter!

Hugs from Grandma Smith- Happy Birthday!

Time for gifts!

Bowling fun with friends! Carter had a great time with Alisha, Marcus, Madison, and Harrison! FUN TIMES!

Carter won!

Harrison did this- lol! Perfect pins!

Brothers love bowling!

The brothers make sure that the other kids don't beat them, lol!

Look at that style! Carter bowls so well!


Awwww, Carter is so cute! Hard to believe he is 6!!!

It is blurry, but this was Carter's reaction when he first saw his "volcano cake!"

"MAMA! Look! A volcano cake! I WANT THAT!" Carter saw it in the bakery catalog and INSISTED on it!

Happy 6th Birthday, Carter!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pro Shots

Here are the pics that our resort photographer took while in Mexico!


Today was the first time Harrison visited the dentist. Carter went once when he was 2, just to check on his teeth. Today was the first cleaning! Harrison wouldn't hold still for x-rays, but they looked around and said he looked good. We will try to get him to hold still in 6 more months, lol. Carter did GREAT and his teeth were perfect. All of his 6 year molars are in, and everything looks wonderful. Way go to, kids!