Thursday, March 31, 2011


Little explorers climb the perimeter!

A future archaeologist? Carter is looking for treasure!

What did our little explorers just find? A light under a fiberglass rock. LOL! That will teach the national park to try and hide their evening lighting! Cant fool my kids! LOL!

Our family =) Carter REALLY wants to run around and grab an iguana, lol, and Harrison really wants a nap!

Iguanas and ruins- good stuff!

We took a professional tour, and they gave us about 2 hours to mess around on our own. Carter decided that he would be our tour guide for the rest of the day. Here is a picture of him instructing us on where we should go. =p

Harrison enjoys balancing and jumping around!

How cool is this?!

I love visiting historical sites. The anthropologist in me goes crazy! Learning about other cultures or other times is a passion of mine, so when Grandpa Smith suggested seeing Tulum I jumped at the opportunity! Here are some of the pictures- if you look closely you will see many of the iguanas on the ruins getting some sun!

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