Sunday, March 20, 2011

On our way!

Carter helps Daddy! I love this picture, it is so adorable! Seeing Carter pull a HUGE suitcase was so cute. He is so strong!

Kids play with "hut hut" army guys, and some zoo animal toys at the SLC Airport.

Grandpa and Grandma Smith booked an entire row of the airplane for us! Here is one half!

Here is the other!

Carter signed his own immigration form!

Carter plays Angry Birds, lol

Carter hitches a ride!

Harrison and Daddy are THRILLED to be in Cancun!

Carter is so excited to swim! "I'm a good swimmer!!!"

Harrison enjoys swimming in the nice warm pool!

Awwwww- true love! The happy couple loves being on VACATION! LOL!

Carter tells us we have to leave in "1 minute!"

Harrison attempts a hunger strike, but caves when Grandpa Smith offers him some food!

We are enjoying our full bellies and happy kids!

Mahi Mahi! Mellissa NEVER eats fish, so this is a HUGE deal!

This picture is for Sean =)

Grandma gives the kids a bath- OUTSIDE! How neat!!!

Got Bubbles?

Our view at night =)

Harrison enjoys swimming in the "kids' pool"

Daddy and boys are swimming all around!

Sun time!

Carter loves the good life =)

Spring Break is here!!! This year we are going to Playa Del Carmen with Grandma and Grandpa Smith- how fun! We REALLY needed a vacation- we didnt realize it had been so long! We have moved more than we have relaxed over the last few years- that needs to change!
Getting to Mexico was an adventure =) The kids came to SLC with Kurt to meet me, where I had been taking an exam. We flew from SLC to Cancun, and we shuttled down to our resort. Talk about WONDERFUL. We have had nothing but fun since we got here!

We arrived at the resort and put the kids in the pool. They swam for hours! After the swim, they took a bubble bath, and they had such a great time! Why? The bath was on the balcony! What is better than a jetted bath full of bubbles?! NOTHING!

The first night we were here we had a wonderful poolside dinner together, thanks to Grandpa Smith for such a great treat! Best Mahi Mahi EVER!!! After dinner, we put the kids to bed, and Kurt and I took a walk on the beach. Walking hand-in-hand with my eternal companion was so romantic! The moon was full and bright, and it was so beautiful to see the light reflecting off the white sand and the water. We found a small alcove under a palm tree and we sat down in the sand- we gazed at the clouds passing in the bright moonlit sky, the waves rolling against the shore, and we watched a cruise ship sail in the distance. It was so wonderful to sit together, embracing one another, and just being together.

We are still here tonight, the resort has Wi-Fi! Tomorrow we will be doing more swimming and having more fun!

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