Wednesday, March 16, 2011



With some help from our dear friends, we moved in less than 24 hours! Right now 85% of the house is unpacked, and that isn't bad at all! We have lived here for 9 days, 6 of which Kurt was in California, so, I really don't feel too bad that we have some more unpacking to do. We have done GREAT!

I love our new place. We are in a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath town home. Perfection! We admit, we looked into buying a home, but we just didn't feel right about it. Good thing, because Verizon made it clear that mobility is key, and Kurt is LOVING his job. So, mobile we shall be, renting is just fine!

Our town home is perfect. I love it. It is in an AMAZING neighborhood. I would say the culture is kind of like Draper, Utah. Not the Sandy, Utah or The 900 Court culture I was looking for, but it feels more like "home" than any other part of Reno. All the time people are out running, biking, etc. I love it! Kurt and I got a family pass to the local country club and fitness club- so what is NOT to love?!

I will post pictures soon =) (Once I figure out where I put my camera...)

The kids each have their own bedroom, and for the most part they love it! We let them "decorate" with wall stickers. They are enjoying their Independence. I love it too! Life sure is different! We all miss Sean greatly, each day. We keep a chair at the table for him. We let each child pick one electronic gadget for his room. Carter picked a computer, and Harrison picked a TV. Each boy loves it!

A few of our biggest changes are not just our surroundings, but what we are filling our home with. When we moved here we committed to being sure that the boys did more around the house (like, making their beds and cleaning their rooms each day). We also made a very strong commitment to living healthier as a family- by agreeing to be active at the fitness club together (there are classes and childcare, as well as family activities!) and by agreeing to have NO JUNK FOOD IN THE HOUSE. At first I thought that the junk food rule would be hard, but I find that the combination of shopping at Whole Foods, plus weekly menu planning, plus our gluten free lifestyle, has really made healthy eating pretty easy! We were gluten free when we lived on campus at the U- but I found that attempting to be gluten free while living with my brother and Sean was just impossible. So, now that we are our own household again, gluten free is perfect!

Now that we have gotten a lot of the unpacking done, and we are mostly used to the noises around the house, we are already feeling like this is "home" and we love it =) SO NICE! We had forgotten how wonderful it is not to share space! Although sharing space can be fun, it can also be stressful- and I am enjoying the peace. Our time with Brian and Sean will be looked at fondly- we really do love Sean as if he was one of our own =) And we wish only the best for Brian.

We love our neighbors! We just had a new couple move in next door, and they are so friendly! We really are lucky =) We will get to go to our new ward soon, and we are thrilled to meet everyone! Life is great!!!

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