Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grandpa Smith's Birthday!


Harrison celebrates Grandpa's birthday by eating chips as fast as he can. LOL!

Carter and Daddy. Daddy is making a funny face, but Carter looks super cute- soooo, the pic is goin on the blog! LOL!

Grandma Smith and Mom at Grandpa Smith's birthday lunch

Harrison messing around in the sand- he makes art with whatever is around him. He sees the world as such a beautiful place- he is so creative! We love it!

Good company, good view- GOOD LIFE!

This, and the following beach pics, were taken by Kurt =) Good job, honey!

Carter is such a sporty guy!

"Look 'arrison! ANGRY BIRDS!!!!"

Carter took this pic- I think he did a good job!

"Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!"

LOL, right after the posed picture, I accidently snapped this- what a great action shot! Harrison was singing "Happy Birthday" and Carter was messing around. I love Grandpa's face in this- full of awe =)

What a great way to celebrate a birthday- holding the one you love most =)

Today was Grandpa Smith's birthday- 62 years young! We celebrated by spending the day together, playing around. It was a wonderful! I cannot think of a better way to spend a birthday than surrounded by people who love me- I hope that my dad feels the same! It really was a great day- good food, company, and amazing views. We were at the front of a pretty empty beach- life doesnt get better than this, and we are SO SO SO SO thankful for this vacation! (And for our wonderful life!!!!)

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