Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beach Day

Harrison is playing in the sand, but in this picture it kinda looks like he wanted to be in the boat. Harrison took a kayak ride with Kurt, and then was kinda done- 1 boat ride is that guy's limit! LOL!

Carter and Kurt kayak in the ocean! Carter had flipped the boat a few moments before.

Carter-mania =)

Once the kayak is on dry land, Captain Carter demands his trusty Skipper 'Arisson to start rowing the sand!

Grandpa joins the swimming! Grandpa Smith, Kurt, Carter, and Harrison all playing in the warm waves. Harrison is the closest on the lower left- and Carter is in the upper right, near Grandpa- SWIMMING! He learned to SWIM! WAY TO GO CARTER!

Our last full day in Mexico we knew we had to spend at the beach. We couldn't think of anything better than waves, sand, and family!

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