Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! Today was our first day without Kurt- he is away on a FOUR WEEK training in California. This is going to be tough, but we can do it! Today was pretty good! This morning my good friend Jaime watched Harrison so I could relax with a wonderful yoga session. I am still working on breaking in my new mat, but it will be awesome! We did a lot of heart openers, and talked about how to open our hearts in our lives- neat session =)

Harrison went with Jaime cheerfully- he happily waved goodbye! (I think he has a crush on her daughter!) Carter went to school with NO issues- he just walked right into the classroom! YAY! This afternoon Jaime's daughter came to our house to play, so Jaime could volunteer at school- Harrison loved the company =)

Today was special for Carter. Carter has a special gift from Kayla, and he cuddles it every single night. Carter made some valentine crafts, he has been begging to send so many to Kayla, I am not sure of how we will send them! Carter also squeezed in some time to make a special valentine for Kurt- I am putting a picture of it up for Kurt to see =)

All in all it was a great day- looking forward to many more =)

OH! I almost forgot to mention, Carter is losing his first tooth! HOORAY! He is so excited! We can see the new tooth popping up behind it! YAY!

(I will not mention that the first day Kurt is gone that half of the fence blew over with our strong winds, and that one of the toilets overflew at least 6 bucket-fulls of toilet water and flooded the bathroom... /sigh)

"Dear Kurt, You have forced my hand. I am going to spend the rest of my days in a drunken state. You should have brought me to Cali with you. Never Yours, Amelie"

"I love my dad" by Carter

"Brothers love each other!"

I told the boys to make silly faces, lol!

We miss you, Daddy!

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